“Somebody Else’s Problem” Field

Murphy's law was proved. Yet again. While working on a laptop without a mouse, adding sound and video files to a Powerpoint presentation is a Herculean task. The scroll pad of the laptop with its virtue to be hyper senstive, will go several slides back even with the slightest contact that the finger tip makes. I had to insert several sound files in several slides, and every time I did that, an irritating prompt, "Do you want the sound file to play since the start of slideshow?" or something to that effect. I would have very much preferred if there was a tool bar button to insert several sound files without a prompt asking for ridiculous questions like those.

The other testing times are those "Cannot read from CD" moments. It happens when I do stuff from my home PC, make a copy in a disc and load the CD in somebody else's laptop/PC in the presentation venue. It happens often. I spend a considerable period of my time in making a presentation, burning it in a CD, and the next day, to add more woes, apart from sleep deprivation, the CD which I burnt isn't read or recognized, I feel the previous night's work wasted completely.

It was during those moments when I desperately felt that there was:

(a) More widespread WiFi access than there is already. I could work in a WiFi hotspot not far away instead of relying on a CD drive that is prone to scratch and shock.

(b) A Web Based presentation software, so that I can do my work from home and save it in some third party server which is more reliable than a Disc or pen drive, go to a WiFi spot close to the venue where I have to make a presentation, export the web-based presentation to the hard-disk of the laptop.

I'm positive that there are shorter ways than what I've mentioned above. But web developers can atleast think in these lines, to make matters simpler for frequent users of Office packages.


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