B2B marketing strategies to keep your brand at top of mind

In today's B2B landscape, sales-focused marketing strategies must adapt to meet the evolving expectations of buyers. A recent article by Forbes mentions that B2B buyers are people just like everyone else, which means the buyer journey is as much about their experiences as it is about the product offering. This was confirmed by Amy Marino, the global head of brand marketing at HubSpot, who said: "The fact is that a B2B purchasing decision is a massively emotional one. The stakes are high and so are the investments; the buyer's reputation, trustworthiness, and potentially future success are all on the line."

Understanding the Importance of Sales-Driven Tactics

This is why it's important to create marketing campaigns that appeal to your audience's pain points and emotions. It's important to strike a balance between technical information and emotive feel. One way to do this is to share customer stories. We suggest that you share testimonials that directly respond to the questions your customers commonly have during the buying process. You should also thoroughly analyze your target audience, to be aware of exactly what concerns you need to address.

For example, if your prospects care about ease of use, share a testimonial that relates to that. If your prospects are often asking questions about the implementation process, post a review of a similar business successfully implementing your product.

Speaking Your Prospects' Language: The Conversational Style of Marketing

When it comes to prioritizing marketing efforts that directly lead to sales, you need to speak your prospects' language. As such, B2B marketers should be utilizing a conversational style of marketing to give prospects information quickly, which in turn will speed up the buying cycle. The conversations that you spark with your community should be based off their online behavior, which has been tracked by your analytics tools.

To accomplish more profitable marketing campaigns, companies seriously need to think about what type of content works best to keep their brands at the top of prospects' minds. Firstly, you need to establish a good first impression and you need to reach your audience at the right place and time. Research conducted by the LinkedIn Collective indicates that 73% of B2B decision makers do business-related research during the evening, and 51% do research on the weekend. However, even when decision makers aren’t actively researching products and services, they’re scrolling social media, staying connected, and reading up on things that interest them. 

Captivating Decision Makers with Emotive and Relevant Content

Understanding the emotional aspects of B2B buying decisions and aligning your marketing efforts accordingly is crucial for captivating decision makers. To engage your target market effectively, it's essential to analyze their activity patterns and determine the optimal times to deliver relevant content.

To foster long-term relationships and increase the likelihood of driving successful business outcomes, your messaging must resonate with their needs and aspirations, and ignite their passion for your brand.


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