India is celebrating Recruiter's Day today, and we can't keep calm about it!

This March 9, Zoho Recruit values the contribution of every recruiter who has helped millions of job aspirants reach their destination.

We're hungover from the amazing Women's Day Celebrations at our Zoho Chennai campus yesterday. It was a day  to celebrate women and their contributions to help empower one another -- be it financially, socially, culturally or politically. And what follows Women's Day?  Well, in India it's Recruiter's Day, a day to honor another section of the society that is perhaps undervalued for the amount of work they put it and the impact they create. While every company focuses on the products, releases, revenue and more, what we fail to realize is that recruiters (or the Human Resource (HR) team)  are constantly scouting for talent, managing the existing workforce, ensuring a company can run successfully, and more importantly, that it can run as one.

A day in the life of a recruiter starts from dawn and ends at d(u)esk, mostly. They are the quintessential multi-taskers, acting as  sales representatives, marketers, researchers, analysts, interviewers, data crunchers and...the list never ends. They don a multitude of roles with every situation. While one quarter of a day goes in looking out for new talent, networking on social media websites, meeting with clients, building new hiring strategies, the other three quarters are occupied in making the existing employee-base of a company, happy, comfortable and yes, at their productive best. More than anything else, they have to ensure that every employee is a complete cultural fit in the organization.

Being a recruiter in India is a different ball game in itself. According to a recent study, conducted by LinkedIn, over 34 percent of passive candidates are actively seeking for jobs, as compared to 21 percent across the world. The study states that "the talent pool is very aggressive". HR professionals in India have been relentlessly trying to help aspiring candidates and qualified professionals find their feet in the dynamic marketplace.

New horizons are appearing for candidates to explore and work at a place that gives them much more than a fat pay check. People are now consciously looking out for a workplace that gives them freedom to express their ideas and put them into action. Consequently, the job of a recruiter is getting more and more challenging 

While just one day to celebrate their efforts is not nearly enough, here's a big shout out from Zoho Recruit to all the rockstar HRs, who are on the top of their game to ensure that a company runs successfully.

 A very happy Indian Recruiter's Day.

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