Play the Griddle on Zoho Sheet

David Millar, one of our users, put up this public sheet yesterday, wherein he creates a very interesting grid puzzle, aptly titled by him as ‘The Griddle’.

You can play this 'loop-de-loop' game right here, or visit our Public Sheets and look for 'Griddle' there. You can also copy such public sheets and use them for your individual needs or improve on them and create your own sheets and publish them for the benefit of all.

David’s grid puzzle hooked us up so much that after he put up this yesterday, every single one of us here in the team ended up playing it, trying to complete it faster than the other! :)

Thank you very much, David - would love to see more such puzzles from you!

So, all ye folks who love solving a good puzzle - have you tried playing Griddle today?

And all ye folks out there with ideas for other nice puzzles, what are you waiting for? :)


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