Zoho Announcements - How about three of them?

Today, we announce three different additions to Zoho.

1. Zoho Plugin for Microsoft Office

2. Zoho APIs

3. Desktopize for Zoho (Download)

We are very excited about the plugin for Microsoft Office as this extends the Office functionality online offering mobility etc....or should I say 'This is what Office Live is supposed to be' :) The screenshot below may not do justice to its functionality. I recommend trying it out if you are a Microsoft Office user. Writer and Sheet connects in to Word and Excel respectively.

Opening Zoho files in MS Office.jpgZoho-plug-in-open.jpg

Zoho APIs is our first major step towards opening up our applications to be integrated into other services. With these well defined APIs, other web apps can now integrate closely with Zoho applications.

Desktopize, our partner customized their offering for Zoho making our applications behave more like a desktop application. If you like desktop shortcuts, quick tray access, Drag-n-drop documents into Zoho apps, I recommend installing this application.

More detailed posts about each of these releases will follow. Do drop us a line about your views on these announcements.

Update :

# Techcrunch covered this Zoho update. Thanks to Natali & Mike!

# For details on Zoho API, see the Zoho API developer guide

# Download your copy of Zoho Plug-in for Microsoft Office now.


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