The Goliaths better learn

Doc Searls, in one of his recent blog posts :

At the Royal Sonesta Hotel in Cambridge, Mass, where I stayed in Boston a few days ago, their "free" Internet service is 56K, forcing serious users to pay $9.95 for broadband � which in my room was provided by both Ethernet and a very weak wi-fi signal. Half the clicks on links through either connection jump to a "loading" page. And the connection speed barely beat dial-up. Imagine being forced to unfurl promotional messages on a roll of toilet paper just to unlock the flush lever in a pay toilet that barely flushed in any case. At that same hotel, when I asked for improvements to the lousy bandwidth I was already paying for, the person behind the counter called over a manager who said, "What are you trying to do, get some email?" Wrong question. Especially at a hotel next door to MIT. Don't these upscale hotels have any idea how much that kind of stupid service pisses off potentially good repeat business?

Either the upscale hotels better learn or end-up losing out to smaller but broadband-provided-free inns. It's the same Goliath-David struggle everywhere, right?


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