The Origin of Z

Survival is Not Enough - that was the book that ultimately is responsible for ZohoWriter and the Z. Seth Godin has blogged about how that was his favorite book and expressed surprise it didn't become as popular as his other books. I agree; that is the most favorite of Seth's books too, and I have pretty much read all of them.

The story of how I stumbled on to that book is interesting in itself. About two and a half years ago, the recession felt like it would never end. I was visiting my sister one Sunday afternoon. As usually happens with me, talk turned to business, and myself and my brother in law, who was in the internet software business, were commiserating. I said something like "Yeah, we are surviving, I am not sure that is enough". He went in to his library, retrieved this book, and said "You should read this - and by the way, I want it back". I hadn't heard of Seth Godin at that time.

That book clicked for me. I ordered 15 copies (Seth, if you had noticed a mini-surge in that book some time in 2003, that was us!), and distributed it across AdventNet. It had an electrifying effect. It gave us new energy and direction.

The most recent output of that surge of electricity through our veins is the Zoho suite of products and services. First came ZohoCRM, then came Zoho Virtual Office, and now Zoho Writer and Zoho Planner.

Seth: thank you!


PS: My brother in law had his own transformation, and is now leading Jambav


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