Update: Import Doc, Post in Blogger, Tagging

Today we are very happy to introduce the following features:

— Import Documents ( Both Microsfot Word & Open office DOC can be imported ). Yes, this means you don’t need Word anymore to create/view/edit your documents. You can just import the document & start viewing/editing/sharing using Zoho Writer.

Export Document feature was ready but we faced some minor issues during update. So we have postponed it to next update. We thought it’s better to do some more testing before this feature goes out.

— Posting documents from Writer to Blogger. Currrently we only support Blogger. Based on how users use this feature, we will offer support for other blogging services. So please feel free to send us a feature request if you need support for any other blogging service.

— Tagging support.

We are very excited with the response & feedback from users. At times, due to load, the service was little slow. But overall, the performance is satisfactory. We are also increasing the server capacity. Couple of 1000 documents were created in last 2 days.

We are also working on some editor enhancements & we hope to update them before end of this week.

Lot more to come. Stay Tuned!!!



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