Zoho Tasks Integrates Tasks from Zoho Projects

Our unified task module, available through Zoho Business, previously integrated tasks from Zoho CRM. In our latest update, Zoho Tasks integrated tasks from Zoho Projects, our online project management application. This means, Zoho Tasks can now be used to manage your personal tasks as well as tasks from Zoho CRM & Zoho Projects.

Projects Tasks are slightly different from tasks from other apps like CRM. Here, they are more focused on a Project. So, you'll notice a 'Project Portals' section on the left that lists all portals you are part of. Selecting a portal and a related project will display all tasks related to that project.

Apart from viewing your tasks in a project, you can also view tasks assigned to other members in a project. In Zoho Projects, we have a concept of 'Tasklist' where multiple related tasks can be pooled together. Tasks in Tasklists show up as sub tasks. Ofcource you can add Tasks and Tasklists right from Zoho Tasks module. When you add a task, you can make it part of a Tasklist, assign it to a user in the project and give it a priority. Tasks added in Zoho Tasks will show up in Zoho Projects and vice versa.

The root of all these integrations goes back to our concept of contextual integration where data and context matters and not the apps. You'll see many such integrations in Zoho as we move forward. We are very  excited about the possible integrations. Stay tuned.


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