Introducing Zoho Invoice for Windows Surface and Phone

In the midst of a simmering summer, we’re making a cool announcement for small business owners.

Zoho Invoice for Windows Phone and Surface tablet

Zoho Invoice app is now available for Windows phone and Windows Surface. This is the latest addition to the existing lineup of our native mobile apps for Zoho Finance products.

With the Zoho Invoice app for Windows Phone and Windows Surface, you can simply go about managing your income and expenses on the go, just as efficiently as you would in your office. The app has been designed to provide flexibility and ease of use, even when you are away. Here are a few of the many things that you can do with the app.

Send Invoices Instantly
Create invoices in minutes and send it to your clients with just a tap. You can also record payments as soon as the invoice is paid.

Capture Expenses Easily
Track your reimbursable expenses effortlessly with Zoho Invoice. Simply snap and attach images of expense receipts and bill it to your clients.

Add Contacts on the go
Instantly add all your contacts using your tablet or your phone.  You can maintain all the important information related to your contacts in a single place.

Get Quick Insights from the Dashboard
All it takes is a single glance at the dashboard to know how your business is faring. You can also choose to filter the information for a particular period.

Track Time from your Mobile
You can track time and tasks for your projects easily by logging the time you spent on a task or by simply switching on the timer on your Windows Phone app.

To try all these features, just log on to the Windows Store and download Zoho Invoice for your phone or your Surface tablet.

By the way, did you know that just a few weeks back, we had also announced the release of Zoho Books for Windows?

Go ahead, give them a try and tell us about your experience. We’d love to know what you think!


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    1. Thanks, Dirk! Currently, we do not have estimates. However, I will forward this request to our team of developers. We will definitely keep you posted. :)

  1. Hi krupa, Good article and good improvement in invoice world by zoho. Finding zoho invoice really useful. Keep up the good work.

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