Zoho Invoice Success Stories From Far East

For Japanese, the quest for perfection is ingrained in all walks of life. Be it the high end technological creations or the simple art of skillfully wrapping a gift. Their motto is to achieve the highest quality possible. Even in the realms of business, they seek to constantly improve their processes for the better. Invoicing is an integral part of every business’ framework. We at Zoho Invoice are happy to see our efforts being acknowledged even in the far east.

Our colleagues had interviewed two Japanese business partners who had tried, tested and found Zoho Invoice easy to use. Find below an excerpt from their interview:

Promission Ltd and Ishin Corporation provide services in the field of business consulting and IT support (implementation of iPhone and iPad for companies). Both companies are members of the Apple Consulting Network. Mr Nakamura who runs ‘Promission Ltd’ also provides consultation on business improvement planning. He found Zoho Invoice in the Google Marketplace. At first, he signed up for a free trial and it was an instant hit!

Mr. Nakamura says,

 I find the application to be ‘really cool’ and keep recommending it to my friends for their invoicing needs.

Zoho Invoice has reduced the manual work and increased productivity for his company. Ability to invoice anytime and anywhere has brought an edge to his style of work. He also says,”Creating estimates and invoices in excel was not easy. But I knew, to run the business, I needed to make it more efficient.”

Mr Toyoshige Oki, CEO of Ishin Corporation is a business partner and friend of Mr. Nakamura. They offer, consultation on effective ways to use  social media and help with implementing cloud computing applications. During one of their meetings, Mr Nakamura (now a self proclaimed Zoho Evangelist) recommended Zoho Invoice to Mr Oki. He says,”SMB companies like ours want to use software application as a service, as we don’t want to have any software asset.” Quite impressed by the features and cost effectiveness, both companies are now paid users of Zoho Invoice.
Mr. Oki says,
        Zoho Invoice follows the standard operation flow and I didn’t have to do anything special. I just followed it and create estimates/invoices. No need for customization at all

Click here to find out how Promission and Ishin use Zoho Invoice for their invoicing.


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