Group Calendar Support & Other Neat Updates in Zoho Calendar

There is no refuting the fact that be it work, family or friends, in order to get things done, it is necessary to be on the same page as a group or with your group.

Group CalendarAt times, it is crucial for each person in a group to be aware of everyone’s calendar of activities. This is tough considering other complications like employees in the same company sitting at different time zones, teams changing frequently and what not.

Well, in relation to these thoughts, we are glad to share with you the latest update to Zoho Calendar. We have added group calendar support and other neat features to help you close these communication gaps and collaborate more effectively with your co-workers, team mates and groups.

Group Calendar
It can be overwhelming to plan and track group activities, especially when someone is a part of many groups. In Zoho Calendar, you can now create separate group calendars with different lists of members and also subscribe to other group calendars. Members granted access to these group calendars can create and modify their events, view events of other members and always be in sync with team proceedings.

You can view all your group events combined as a single unified view to get a feel of how stuffed or free you actually are. If you feel your combined view is far too busy, you can right click on a particular group calendar to load it up in a separate tab and then make some event modifications in individual calendars if necessary.

Send / Receive invitations across calendars
We realize that preferences vary from one person to the other and there are many other calendar applications in use. You can now send event invitations and receive RSVP from users of other calendars too. This is made possible through email event notifications via Zoho Mail, playing the part of a mediator between the two calendar services. What is neat is that even if the host does not check his mail, the calendar is kept up-to-date.

Add/View events in different timezones
Scheduling events with participants on different time zones can be really tricky. A little miscalculation of half hour and late arrival for a webinar with a good prospect can be quite damaging. In Zoho Calendar, you can now add /view events in different time zones without having to mess with the time zone of your calendar.

Merge multiple calendars & embed
Embedding your calendar of events on your blog or website is a good way to keep your fans and followers intrigued. If you are someone who maintains multiple calendars, you can now merge events across several calendars and embed a single view. So when you have a form for people to request appointments, they will be able to exactly know when you are free.

Check this what’s new page to learn more about these latest updates to Zoho Calendar. We are confident that these updates will make it easier for you to manage your group activities, events and meetings.

Do post your comments on how these updates worked out for you and other suggestions on improving the Zoho Calendar experience.


15 Replies to Group Calendar Support & Other Neat Updates in Zoho Calendar

  1. I have the same question as Aud. We recently downloaded the IOS Zoho Mail app but cannot see our group calendar. Any updates on this issue?

  2. Can the group calendars be synced to iPhone as well? I do not see the private URL like the personal calendars. This is very crucial as my employees will need to sync the group calendars to their phones. Thanks!

  3. We have been using Airset and are considering moving out calendar to Zoho but I can't find if there is any limitation to group size? We have 150 members in our group. Also, is it possible to import the contact list for a shared calendar?

  4. I currently have all my appointments / meetings etc in Zoho Calendar however I would like to export these to Zoho CRM calendar - is this possible? I can't see how.Should we continue to use 2 calendars - one for business and the other for clients? What is everyone else doing? I'm a solo user.Thanks

  5. I am very interested in learning more about your software options to manage projects, calendars, information, etc.Can you please let me know if there is an option to take a test drive?

  6. "We’ll definitely provide you option to subscribe Zoho Contact birthdays in Zoho Calendar, you can expect this very soon." //+1 and please replace Zoho CRM´s calendar for Zoho Mail's suite Calendar.

  7. The Zoho Mail Suite Calendar is great and love it!When will Zoho Replace the Zoho CRM Calendar with the Zoho Mail Suite Calendar.Like the CRM email add on...there could be another add on the Zoho Mail suite Calendar Add on. Although it would be much better to simply replace the Zoho CRM Mail Composer and the Zoho CRM calander with the Zoho Mail Suite Mail and Calendar Completely

  8. The updates are very good.
    Do you know when different users will be represented by different colours in the group calendar when creating events from records?

  9. Hi,The ZCalendar can be misguiding just at this article; what's not explained is this only works with subscribed group calendars. In fact, even an administrator of an account is not automatically subscribed to a Group's calendar when the administrator created the group. For this to work, the administrator must subscribe to that group instead of flipping through each group and placing events. This is still an advantage because an account administrator can now hire an Administrative Events Planner to handle events planning for all the groups; unlike before when it was technically chaotic.

  10. We'll definitely provide you option to subscribe Zoho Contact birthdays in Zoho Calendar, you can expect this very soon.

  11. The updates are very good.
    Do you know when different users will be represented by different colours in the group calendar when creating events from records?
    At the moment they are all the same and it's quite confusing to know which entry bellongs to who.

  12. I love Zoho. I think this new features are great. I want to request one feature that I think cound be a good one: It would be great to see the birthday on the contacts in the calendar.Thank you

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