Bridge the Gap between your Customer Support and Engineering...

Don’t stop with tracking your tickets to closure. Now submit a bug for a ticket and track them too.

We are glad to announce that Zoho Support is now integrated with Zoho BugTracker. Organizations using Zoho Support and Zoho BugTracker can ensure seamless communication between your customer support and engineering teams. Your support agent can file a bug for a ticket which can be tracked till closure by staying within Zoho Support. Also both the teams can collaborate on a bug/ticket by leaving a comment in them, which stays synchronized between the applications.

The Zoho Support + Zoho BugTracker Integration: Our Story

Lawrence our customer support executive, receives a ticket for a glitch in our feature. He quickly goes through the ticket and files a bug for it. Hooray! the bug is now routed to our Support Management project in Zoho BugTracker. And thanks to the business rule created in Zoho BugTracker, the bug is auto assigned to John, our dedicated developer.

John needs more information about the bug in question. So he leaves a comment on the bug which simultaneously gets posted onto the ticket in Zoho Support. Yes, it's all synchronized. Wait there's more. Besides collaborating, Lawrence stays abreast on the developments happening on his bug. As and when John updates the status of the bug in our Support Management project , it updates the status of the ticket in Zoho Support.

Do you have a similar story?. Do share it with us and remember this integration is exclusively available for our Enterprise subscribers at no extra cost.

We believe this integration would add bastion to your helpdesk and ensure you provide an awesome customer support as ever. Let us know what you think at


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