Latest additions to eWidget: Mail Merge and more

It has been two years since we announced Zoho Mail's eWidget, which brings a multitude of Zoho and third-party extensions under one roof. Mail's eWidget makes multitasking easier by bringing your favorite applications into your inbox. Since its launch, we've continuously worked to add new extensions to help you achieve a more seamless workflow.

Now, we're back to announce the latest additions to Zoho Mail's eWidget. Besides being integrations that will help boost your productivity, these are also some of the most frequently requested extensions.

Email integration mail merge

Mail Merge

While most of your everyday business communication is probably one-on-one, you might sometimes need to send out personalized emails to multiple recipients. It could be interview letters to candidates during a hiring round or cheerful holiday greetings to your colleagues and customers. Adding in the individual information of each recipient and sending these emails one at a time can be tedious.

Not anymore!

Our Mail Merge eWidget extension helps you send personalized messages to a group of people all at once. You can use an email template and a source file to send out these emails in a few simple steps:

Pick or create the email template you wish to use. Import the source file with the recipient information. Start sending!

The placeholders in your email template will be replaced with the corresponding information from your source file so you can send it out to all the recipients with just a click. You can even view a report summary of your mail merges in your Merge history.

Take a look at the Mail Merge help documentation for more information on the extension.

Other extensions

Zoho ShowTime

Run online training sessions from inside your mailbox. With the Zoho ShowTime extension, you can create and manage your face-to-face and remote sessions directly from Zoho Mail. The contextual integration makes it easy to automatically convert your emails into training sessions.

You can also upload session materials, handouts, and create polls for your ShowTime sessions from the eWidget in Zoho Mail, as well as view a detailed summary of your past sessions.

ServiceDesk Plus

Coming soon! Using ServiceDesk Plus as your IT help desk software? You can soon create, view, or manage SDP requests without leaving your Zoho Mail inbox. You can access information from your emails to contextually create requests in the SDP extension.

In addition to searching for a request using request ID, status, or subject, you can also close, pick up, edit, or assign existing requests from the SDP extension in Zoho Mail.

We will keep working to bring more applications to Zoho Mail's eWidget. In the meantime, give these new extensions a try and leave your feedback in the comments section. We'd also love to hear which applications you wish to see in our eWidget next!

Until next time, stay safe and stay happy!

Note: These extensions are currently only available in the US region. They will be made available in other regions soon.

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17 Replies to Latest additions to eWidget: Mail Merge and more

    1. Hi James. Thank you so much. Yes, we have usage policies and measures in place to ensure that all emails from Zoho Mail have high deliverability when sent to other ESPs like Google.

  1. Is there a way to make a copy of the email address book to paste in a second email account? Tried the one in Xfinity but it will not recognize the Zoho account

    1. Hi Raymond. You can export your contacts and then import them into another email account. Hope this helps. Please do write to support(at)zohomail(dot)com if you need further assistance. :)

    1. Hi Marianne. These features are also available for Zoho Mail users subscribed to the Zoho One plan. Right now this is available only in the US region. We'll soon be making it available for all regions. :)

    1. Hi Stefan. We're glad you like our update and are eager to try it out. We'll soon be making these extensions available in EU too. Do try it out and give us your feedback then.

      1. Dear Nikkita, I am a fan user for Zoho and loved your updates. I am so much interested in using the mail merge and i appreciate if you could help me asap because Zoho blocked my account and i am unable to unblock it. I sent 2 emails to the customer support but got no feedback from them. Will you please help in unblocking it and would like to use the mail merge option from now on.

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