Meet the improved WorkDrive: Reinvent work. Revolutionize productivity: Part 2

In our previous blog post, we covered the TrueSync app, feature updates to facilitate better team co-ordination, and Zoho WorkDrive integration with Zoho Projects. Now, we're back to introduce more enhancements to improve your WorkDrive experience.

WorkDrive Genie (Beta version): your work buddy

Just like a genie from folklore, WorkDrive Genie adds much-needed convenience to your file management. The mundane days of needing to download a file, edit it on different applications, and re-upload it back to your cloud storage are now behind you. Whether you're modifying a video snippet or making edits to a document, you can make all file edits directly from your WorkDrive console. Learn more about the WorkDrive Genie app.

Note: Currently the app is available for Windows users. We are working on a similar app for Mac users as well.

More power to admins:

We have introduced multiple features within our Admin Console to help admins align their WorkDrive accounts based on their company policies. Here are a few:

  1. Customize data retention policies: One of the important aspects for document management is to decide how long to hold on to deleted or trashed files. With WorkDrive, you can customize your file retention period based on company policy. Learn how to manage Data Retention Policy.

    Note: This feature is available for all new users. We’re currently working on enabling it for our existing customers.

  2. Keep your business data safe, always: Lost your phone or left your laptop on the subway? Remotely wipe your business data from your device right away to restrict unauthorized access. You can now view, track, and manage all your team's connected devices and choose to disconnect or remote-wipe them when needed. Learn more about how you can manage your teams devices. 
  3. Extend your brand identity to WorkDrive: WorkDrive now supports custom domains. Organizations can customize the product url, document url, and external share links, and download links to reflect the brand name. This will help companies build a better brand identity.

    Learn more about creating a custom domain for WorkDrive.

Improving your experience at every step

We truly believe that when it comes to making experiences, attention to detail matters. With this update, you will notice minor changes to the WorkDrive UI, feature enhancements ,and more. We aim to introduce new features while constantly improving our existing capabilities. Here are a couple of details that we added for this update:

  1. Send to WorkDrive Support: Our focus is to offer a seamless experience within the product while extending that convenience to our support process as well. For example, you can now share files from within the WorkDrive team without having to create any external share links. This way, we can quickly analyze the issue and help you without putting your data at risk.
  2. A better sneak peak: We have improved the overall performance of the preview engine, along with adding support for new formats, including email formats such as .eml and .msg. You can also preview videos and audio files and play them in a loop. You can not only manage multiple file versions but preview them in a single place.

  3. Customize to your choice: Preferences vary from person to person. Whether they're choosing a theme, modifying the view, sorting a page, or setting a default landing page, individual users can now personalize their WorkDrive layout to fit their preferences.

    See how you can customize your WorkDrive account.

Move to WorkDrive now!

Wondering how you move your team and their files to WorkDrive? We've got you covered. WorkDrive offers one click migration from OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox. Learn more about how you can migrate to WorkDrive right away!

Document management is not a mere tool—it is a process in and of itself. With every update, our goal is to offer our users an efficient tool to make their business data management a stress-free process. These updates are just the beginning of a grand new WorkDrive experience. We are constantly working on improving your file management options, and you can expect more such exciting updates from us this 2021.

See you soon!

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