When should you use marketing automation?

Every business functions with the goal of generating more revenue. More revenue comes from quality customers, who were often the best leads before they converted. It's a domino effect that starts right when a web visitor shows initial interest in a brand.

Efficient marketers are the ones who harness different visitors' interests and channelize them in line with a brand's vision. This ultimately helps them provide the personalized engagement visitors need to become leads and eventually loyal customers.

Marketing automation is a thing of the present. While automation has traditionally been looked at as a means to reduce manual tasks, speed things up, and enable marketers to quickly deliver template messages en masse, most marketers today would beg to differ.

In fact, marketing automation is increasingly becoming a tool to give a personalized conversion journey for every lead. It has restored the human touch to every message and process—helping you save time as well as craft individual experiences for your leads and customers.

Marketing automation helps marketers harness cutting-edge ways to drive brands and grow revenue. It's a modern-day approach to achieve the traditional aspects of marketing, and it’s no longer isolated to large enterprises and global businesses. The truth is that marketing automation now applies to businesses of all kinds—nascent, blooming, and established. It all lies in the need to streamline the lead-to-customer journey, as well as orchestrate your marketing applications and functions in a single place.

Knowing the power of automation, when is the perfect time to get started with it? When should you use marketing automation for your brand?

First things first! Do a simple check with some of these points:

☐ You aim to identify, track, and analyze the behavior of your website and web application visitors.

☐ You want to leverage multichannel (email, SMS, social) benefits for your brand.

☐ You're looking for an organized and tailored way to engage your leads.

☐ Generating, nurturing, and qualifying leads are the spine of your marketing efforts.

☐ You want to filter leads based on engagement levels and interests.

☐ Your sales team seeks a faster and smoother lead-to-customer conversion cycle.

☐ Scaling up revenue across multiple platforms is what your brand aims for.

☐ Measuring the revenue performance of each marketing campaign is one of your immediate goals.

☐ You are in need of an integrated system that helps you connect with numerous services and perform all your marketing activities in one place.

☐ Your company's marketing and sales efforts should collaborate effectively.

Did you answer "yes" for most or all of these points? Then, welcome aboard! Marketing automation awaits, to help you successfully perform all these things and more, without running yourself ragged.

So what's marketing automation in a nutshell? It's a mechanized tool to help you perform your marketing activities in a more human way. 

Try Zoho Marketing Automation's robust features, that help in lead management, web behavioral marketing, multichannel engagement, personalized customer journeys, ROI measurement, and more.


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