App Spotlight: BigCommerce for Zoho CRM

App Spotlight: BigCommerce for Zoho CRM

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The BigCommerce extension for Zoho CRM is an easy-to-use widget for synchronizing orders from the BigCommerce online store. All of the data you need is stored in one place so you can close deals faster!

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Business needs

When running an e-commerce business, it’s important to access all of the data you need in one central place, especially when you want to dive deep into your business analytics.  But, manually filling in all of that data from your online store can be inconvenient and time-consuming. The best solution to access this data easily is with the help of a CRM platform, where all of your leads’ information can be stored. 


The BigCommerce extension imports all of the data from the sales orders in your online store to Zoho CRM and enables you to:

  • Transfer a list of orders, customers, and products—with all of their detailed information.

  • Support several BigCommerce stores simultaneously.

  • Track progress with synchronized historic logs.

  • Tackle the inconvenience of frequent manual updates with an automatic synchronization feature. 


  • Successfully handle all of the orders that come your way, including missed orders, with the feature to set special order reminders.

  • The BigCommerce extension for Zoho CRM lets you access data from multiple stores simultaneously, saving you significant time. 

  • Deliver contextual service experiences at every customer touch point.

Get the BigCommerce extension for Zoho CRM

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