App Spotlight: Magento Orders for Zoho Desk

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The Magento Orders extension for Zoho Desk is designed to streamline your customer service and e-commerce management, allowing you to navigate effortlessly through customer orders and details without ever leaving Zoho Desk.

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Business needs

For ecommerce businesses, time is of the essence when responding to customer inquiries and managing orders. Traditional methods often involve toggling between various platforms, which can slow down response time and affect customer satisfaction. 


Magento Orders for Zoho Desk solves this by offering a seamless integration that brings Magento's robust order management directly into the Zoho Desk environment. The integration can be configured easily without the need for additional installations in Magento. 

Using the integration, you can view customer order details, products, and status directly from Zoho Desk, and add notes that sync back to your Magento store—all from one place. 


  • Enhance customer service efficiency by having all order information accessible in Zoho Desk. 

  • Save time with the ability to view orders directly from the ticket interface. 

  • Ensure your team has up-to-date order information at their fingertips for quicker ticket resolution.

  • Streamline your workflow and maintain consistency across your ecommerce and customer service platforms. 

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