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Ringover for Zoho CRM

Ringover is a Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) app that helps Zoho users communicate efficiently and collaborate smoothly. By connecting Ringover with Zoho, phone calls and SMS conversations log automatically, cutting down time spent manually updating your CRM. The integration enables quick access to Zoho to grab notes about callers, helping you approach each call with more context and confidence.

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Business needs
  • Remote working and a four-day week are taking a permanent seat at the business table. Employers have no choice but to provide tools that support their dispersed workforce. The key is ensuring they can function efficiently no matter their physical location—one of the major downsides of traditional phone systems.

  • By December 2025, PSTN (Public Switch Telephone Products) will be switched off in the UK. It means all businesses need to find an internet-based alternative for their phone requirements. More than a third of customers want their problems fixed in a single interaction and at least 70 percent require a personalized experience from their contact center. Customer-facing teams need quick access to accurate qualitative insights about their customers to be able to deliver this personalized service.

  • As businesses scale, they often find it challenging to monitor and maintain SLAs for communication. This applies to both internal and external stakeholders.


Ringover offers more than a phone calling tool. It is a CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service) platform centralizing phone calls, video conferencing, instant messaging and SMS. When paired with Zoho CRM, it offers the following solutions and more to respond to a range of business communication needs:

  • Instant calling: Start conversations with customers effortlessly by simply clicking the Ringover icon adjacent to the stored phone number in Zoho CRM.

  • Caller identification: Ringover associates incoming callers with their corresponding Zoho contact details, allowing agents to deliver a tailored experience during each conversation.

  • Automated conversation tracking: Thanks to the seamless synchronization between Zoho and Ringover, manual CRM updates are a thing of the past. Customer records in Zoho are immediately updated with the call, SMS, and voicemail details, making sure all crucial information is captured and readily available.

  • Live activity monitoring: Obtain insights into call data by agent, team, or IVR number directly from your Ringover app. Retrieve and repurpose call recordings for agent coaching and development, equipping your team with industry best practices and enhancing their overall performance.


By using Ringover for Zoho CRM, users immediately see an improvement in productivity, team collaboration, and customer experience. Some precise advantages include:

  • Save time and energy spent on manually updating CRM records.

  • Deploy and manage a fully-remote or hybrid team without the hassle of distance issues.

  • Improve team collaboration and productivity with instant data capture in the CRM.

  • Resolve issues quickly and accurately with real-time customer data pulled directly from the CRM.

  • Increase NPS scores due to better customer experience delivery.

  • Get access to an admin dashboard that delivers real-time analytics and reports to track activity and performance from user to company levels.

Get Ringover for Zoho CRM


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