Revolutionize recruitment with MyOperator for Zoho Recruit

MyOperator for recruit

Zoho Recruit has partnered with MyOperator, a cloud-based call management system, to provide an effective recruitment solution for businesses. The partnership combines the best solutions, offering recruiters an efficient way to manage their recruitment process and enhance their candidate experience.

Integrating Zoho Recruit and MyOperator allows recruiters to seamlessly conduct every aspect of recruitment, from sourcing candidates to onboarding new hires. With MyOperator, recruiters can automatically capture and track all incoming calls and messages related to job applications, while Zoho Recruit provides a powerful ATS to manage and track candidate applications in one place. As a result, recruiters save time and can focus on more critical tasks, such as evaluating candidates and conducting interviews.

"Any agile organization needs to hire faster, better to scale. The Zoho Recruit - MyOperator partnership enables just this - faster hiring at scale. The product integration lets you get the best of intuitive workflows, integrated calls and WhatsApp notifications on one platform. This partnership will help us deliver superior value to Talent acquisition heads, CHROs and recruitment agencies."

- Rimjhim Ray, VP - Marketing & Partnerships, MyOperator

This integration also helps recruiters provide a more enjoyable experience to candidates. Candidates can easily apply for jobs and receive timely updates on their application status, while recruiters can give prompt feedback and communicate with candidates through the platform.

Finally, the integration between Zoho Recruit and MyOperator provides valuable insights and data to recruiters. Real-time analytics on recruitment performance enables recruiters to identify bottlenecks and optimize their hiring strategy accordingly.

The partnership between Zoho Recruit and MyOperator is a game-changer for businesses looking to streamline their recruitment process and enhance their candidate experience. The solution provides a comprehensive platform for recruiters and helps them capture valuable data insights. If you want to improve your recruitment process and provide a better candidate experience, sign up for Zoho Recruit and MyOperator today!


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