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WhatsApp for Zoho CRM

Track sales and customer service follow-ups conducted through WhatsApp directly in Zoho CRM. You can send quick responses and save important images, audio, and conversations, as well as create leads, contacts, and more—all without ever leaving the Zoho CRM interface.

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Business needs:

  • Implementing WhatsApp in any organization with the WhatsApp Business API is a long process that requires creating at least one verified phone number.

  • The costs of using WhatsApp can vary, but different variables can increase those costs—such as the number of messages sent.

  • In B2B models, it's difficult to integrate the communications of agents who speak with clients using personal and/or corporate telephone numbers. In many cases, these channels can't be avoided because they're often used to close big deals with trusted business executives.

  • Without having WhatsApp integrated with your Zoho CRM, you won't be able to review your agents' conversations with customers.

  • In many commercial contexts, WhatsApp is more important than email, but organizations still need to store conversations, leads, contacts, and many other things directly in Zoho CRM.

  • Communication from WhatsApp on mobile devices is tedious compared to working with desktop solutions such as WhatsApp Web. For example, typing with a virtual keyboard is more complicated than with a real keyboard.


Implementing Spellty's WhatsApp for Zoho CRM extension takes a maximum of five minutes. Install the Zoho CRM extension from the Marketplace and follow the steps to create your Spellty account. It's quick and easy!

  • With Spellty, you don't have to worry about added costs by integrating WhatsApp into Zoho CRM—you only pay a flat monthly or annual fee for each agent.

  • Integrate WhatsApp conversations from any agent into Zoho CRM, regardless of whether the agent uses a corporate or personal phone number. Spellty integrates with WhatsApp Web, so you can save any conversation had using phone numbers activated for that platform.

  • The extension creates a message module that enables you to generate reports about agents' WhatsApp use, as well as about how many leads and contacts were created from WhatsApp.

  • Spellty makes customer management simple by easily enabling you to carry out different activities associated with Zoho CRM, such as viewing opportunities and creating meetings, calls, tasks, prospects, contacts, and much more—directly from WhatsApp Web.

  • For convenience, agents often prefer to use WhatsApp Web while on a desktop computer, rather than on a mobile phone. It's much faster and more convenient to use a real keyboard to share files, cut, copy, and paste.


  • The extension allows users to use WhatsApp in Zoho CRM without having to purchase a verified phone number.

  • Integrate your sales agents' phone numbers into Zoho CRM, regardless of whether they're personal or corporate numbers.

  • Reduce the cost of integrating WhatsApp with Zoho CRM.

Get WhatsApp for Zoho CRM


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