Doc Scanner for iOS 14 and iPadOS 14: A new look, App Clips, widgets, and much more

We’re excited to introduce new innovations in Doc Scanner as a part of the recent iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 update.

A new look

Experience a new Doc Scanner with a completely modified look. We’ve been meticulous in our design, paying attention to every detail. With more options to apply filters and modify the document before saving, as well as our improved auto-detect feature for documents and table scanning, using the new Doc Scanner on your iPhone or iPad can greatly help to improve your productivity.

App Clips

With App Clips, you can scan your documents on the fly without having to install the Doc Scanner app. Once you’ve scanned what you need, you can crop, rotate, annotate, filter, or share as a JPEG or PDF file.

To try App Clips without downloading Doc Scanner:

1. Open the Camera in your iPhone or iPad.

2. Scan this QR code:

3. Click the banner that appears at the top of your camera screen.

4. That will bring up a window like this:

5. Click Open to open the Doc Scanner App Clip and scan your documents. If you like the convenience of scanning from your phone, download the free Doc Scanner app when you’re finished.

Detect data tables

Scan data tables in 18 languages using Doc Scanner and export them as HTML tables. Doc Scanner intelligently identifies scanned data tables and allows you to edit and export them as HTML tables through email, messages, and other apps.


We’re introducing a wide variety of widgets to add to your home screen and perform quick actions for common tasks.

Documents Widget: Quickly view and access your documents using this widget. Configure this widget to switch between recent, signed, and reminder documents.

Scan Widget: Quickly initiate a scan from your home screen using the scan widget.

Search Widget: Quickly search directly from your home screen using the search widget.

Pin a document as a widget: You can pin any document as a widget for quick access. Long press a document and tap Add to Widget to pin that document to your homescreen as a widget.

Scribble with Apple Pencil

Writing is more comfortable with Apple Pencil, and Doc Scanner’s Scribble function makes it even easier. You can now scribble using Apple Pencil to edit recognized text from your document. Don’t worry about scribbling in lengthier documents. We’ve provided a scribble pad to easily edit larger text documents. You can drag and drop to place the scribble pad anywhere on the screen.

PencilKit Enhancements

Use Apple Pencil to its fullest potential when you annotate your documents. In addition to underlining and jotting notes, you can now draw shapes using Apple Pencil.

All the extras

We’ve updated the Doc Scanner app with new iOS 14 interface components like the menu and date pickers. We’ve also fixed a few bugs to ensure the app runs smoothly on iOS 14 and iPadOS 14.

Update to iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 today and experience the all-new Doc Scanner on your mobile devices. Please let us know your feedback about the new Doc Scanner in the comments below or write to us at


2 Replies to Doc Scanner for iOS 14 and iPadOS 14: A new look, App Clips, widgets, and much more

  1. this is not as good as the scanner that was in notes. It takes significantly longer for the app to recognize the document. I also tried the pin to widget feature. That did not work. I picked pin to widget and no widget showing the document on the home page.

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