Doc Scanner for iOS 15 and iPadOS 15: Core ML, Drag and Drop, Safari Extension, and more.

We’re excited to announce the new Doc Scanner features for iOS 15 and iPadOS 15. Get smart folder suggestions for your documents, drag and drop documents to and from to the app, annotate and save webpages as PDFs with Safari extension, and more. Update your devices and the app to improve your productivity.

Core ML

Organize your documents better with Core ML in Doc Scanner. Get intelligent folder suggestions for your scanned docs and keep them handy by organizing them exactly the way you want.

Drag and Drop

Now, you can easily copy documents to and from to the app. Just drag and drop your docs from the app to your Photos and easily add docs from your Files to Doc Scanner.

Safari Extension

Capture your favorite webpages and save them as PDFs to Doc Scanner. The Doc Scanner Web Clipper allows you to capture the whole page, part of the page, a focused area, and the visible area of the page as a PDF and save it to the app. You can also annotate your captures before you save them to Doc Scanner.

Focus Notifications

Get time-sensitive notifications for your scanned docs with Focus Notifications. Add reminders to your important documents such as lease agreements, invoices, and legal contracts and get them delivered at the right time without any delay.

Live Text

Get picture-perfect OCR for your scanned docs in Doc Scanner. Scan, select, and insert your docs to get clear OCR with Live Text.

Extra Large Widgets

We are taking our widgets to a new level in addition to what we introduced in iOS 14. Now, view your documents in a bigger space on your iPad and scan and search your docs more easily.

We hope you like these new updates as a part of iOS 15 and iPadOS 15. Stay focused and improve your productivity with Doc Scanner for iOS 15 and iPadOS 15. If you have any suggestions for this new release or any new feature requests for Doc Scanner, please write to us at or post it in the comments section below. You can follow us on Twitter @ZohoDocScanner to get periodic updates about Doc Scanner.


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