Customer service on-the-go made convenient with Zoho Desk on iOS 15 and iPadOS 15

Apple recently announced iOS 15 and Ipad OS 15. These latest OS iterations provide users with a host of enhancements that give them more control over what, when and how they see information on their devices. At Zoho Desk we have taken these enhancements into consideration and have introduced features that look to improve the user experience across your entire support team and make support on-the-go more convenient.

Focus only on tasks that matter

Apple's Focus mode in iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 lets you filter notifications from apps based on what you're engaged in. However, there is an option to enable time sensitive notifications to break through Focus mode. At Zoho Desk we understand that tasks are often time-sensitive, so we've enabled Task Reminders to qualify as Time Sensitive notifications.

Users can enable these task reminders in their app's notification preferences and also specify the Departments they want to receive reminders from. This ensures that, as a support rep, you receive only the notifications from work that really matter when you're focussed on something else.


Improved multitasking experience for iPad

With iPadOS 15 update for iPad, Apple has enhanced the multitasking experience for its users. The new and intuitive multitasking update for iPad allows users to not only work with multiple screens simultaneously, but also pivot prominent tasks that can be centered in the device.

Zoho Desk offered the ability to run multiple instances of its User Interface in iOS 13. We've now ramped up its multitasking abilities by adopting the new gestures and presentation modes available with iPadOS 15. Desk users can compose reply emails or view customer contact details prominently pivoted to the center of the screen with a single touch. Users can conveniently focus on a single screen, while the rest of the screens are dimmed in the background. In addition to this, you can also reposition the screen just like any other screen using the new multitasking controls, and also move it to the app shelf for later.

Smart Widgets

Zoho Desk introduced widgets with the release of iOS 14 last year, when Apple unveiled its Smart Stack. As Apple continues to improve the user experience of widgets through intelligent widget suggestions, we realized the importance of enabling support reps and managers, who routinely keep tabs on key support metrics, to discover and leverage the power of widgets.

 iOS 15 and IPadOS 15 enable widget suggestions based on how the app is being used. For example, using the information Zoho Desk shares, if a support rep keeps tracking her open tickets in the app, it will suggest a widget that shows which tickets are open. This way, she can make sure she doesn't miss out on tickets assigned to her, without even opening the Zoho Desk app.

As the way businesses work changes, the Zoho Desk app remains committed to enabling customer service from 'anywhere' and on-the-go, easier. We are thrilled about these features and enhancements and we hope they help you continue delivering exceptional customer experiences.


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