Introducing Zoho Motivator: Boost sales, have fun.

Sales is about numbers. Sales teams focus squarely on targets, religiously conducting pipeline and deal reviews while calculating percentages to quota, OTE and accelerators. I once saw a sales manager hand out football jerseys for his team, and on the back, instead of a regular player number, they had their individual quota. Numbers. Numbers. Numbers.

Zoho Motivator

Numbers are the goal. But there's one thing we sometimes forget: sales are the result of our work, a trailing indicator. To achieve the desired outcome, sales teams must focus on the process. If your target this month is to close more deals, you'll need more leads and qualified prospects to reach that mark. In this case, calls are key: more calls will translate to better qualification, so making more calls is the activity you want to foster.

Zoho Motivator, the newest addition to the Zoho family, lets you maximize revenue and drive engagement in your sales team while encouraging the right sales behaviors and activities.

Boost revenue through key metrics and insights

  • Deeper insights through metrics like Pipeline Velocity and Pipeline Stages

    Pipeline Stages help you identify bottlenecks in your process and see the life of your sales cycle all in a single snapshot. With Pipeline Velocity, you can spot where sales are increasing and decreasing and learn how quickly leads are converting into won deals.

  • Business intelligence through KPIs and Dashboards

    KPIs like leads generated or potentials created let you track performance in real time and emphasize your organizational goals.  With custom dashboards you can cut through the clutter and focus on the areas that matter most; use them to analyze data and identify areas for improvement.

Encourage the right sales behavior and activities

  • Define desired sales practices by setting Custom Targets

    You can't separate the process from the outcome; Motivator lets you see both. You can drive desired behaviors in your team, say “Making all client calls by noon” or “Meeting prospects every week,” and precisely monitor how those activities translate to revenue growth. Zoho Motivator allows sales managers to focus on the outcome and the process, so that you can create the best methods to achieve the results you want.

  • Real-Time Scorecards for insightful results

    Feedback matters. It's what helps people know where and how to improve. For salespeople, getting the right feedback at the right time can mean the difference between closing a deal or losing the customer. Motivator's scorecards give salespeople access to real-time reports of their current sales activity so that everyone can learn what doesn't work and what does. Scorecard analytics also facilitate team building; managers can match up individuals with different skill sets so that teammates can learn from one another.


Drive sales team engagement

  • Motivator TV to drive awareness and engagement

    Recognition makes people feel appreciated and can prove a key factor in engaging employees and  incentivizing their success. Motivator TV lets you showcase sales victories and contest winners on big-screen TVs so that all salespeople know where they stand in the current contest or sales period. Our convenient on-screen ticker also displays real-time notifications.

  • Contests and Leaderboards energize salespeople

    Contests provide great opportunities to get teams working together and encourage creative thinking. They can also add some fun to occasionally tedious daily activities while fostering healthy competition. Leaderboards showcase rankings among contestants and are sure to invigorate your team.

Zoho Motivator complements Zoho CRM and is aimed at helping users get the most out of their software.  All basic CRM data like leads, potentials, etc. are automatically synced from the user's CRM account the moment they sign up for Zoho Motivator. Managers can establish contests based on this data and display the results on large-screen TVs.

For 10 years, Zoho CRM has enabled teams around the world to achieve better sales. We think Zoho Motivator can help make those numbers, and those teams, even better.

Learn more about Zoho Motivator.


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