Notebook update: Introducing Notebook for Linux, Gmail Add-on, New Integrations and more.

We're back once again with a set of brand-new additions, including the much awaited Notebook for Linux. This update also contains functional integrations between Notebook and other apps. For those who want to migrate from Google Keep to Notebook, there is good news for you too.

Notebook for Linux

For all you Linux heads, your thoughts, ideas, memories, and plans have a new home. Th at's right, Notebook is now available on Linux and is packed with the features that you love on other platforms. Get ready to be amazed once again by Notebook's beautiful design and pleasing user experience. With this release, we've now covered all the major platforms that there are to cover. Get your own copy of Notebook for Linux today.

Migrate from Google Keep

Shift all your notes to one place with our migration option for all Keep users. Now, switching to Notebook is as easy as it can get.

Get started, today!

Resurrecting Notebook for Safari.

We've brought your favorite Notebook web clipper for Safari back from the dead after all you Safari fans requested it. This time it has been completely re-written and is available on the Mac App Store. Clip the web, capture your screen, jot down notes and do much more with your favorite web clipper. To learn more, visit here.


Check out the integrations we're rolling out this release and learn how you benefit by using these in your day-to-day work.

Bring Your Thoughts And Messages Closer. 

Whether it is the agenda for the month or a discussion about a new product design, save discussions in your Cliq messenger to Notebook in just a few simple steps. Not only that, you can also send important notes saved in Notebook via Cliq to your teammates easily. Make the best use of our new Notebook and Cliq integration, and see your productivity skyrocket.

Gmail Your Thoughts.

Did you want to save an important email in Notebook? Or send ideas you jotted down in Notebook to your colleagues? Now you can with the new Notebook add-on for Gmail. Save an email with attachments as individual note cards that are grouped together. To add the Notebook extension to your Gmail account, visit here.

Make Your Projects Thoughtful.

Pull up notes relevant to your current task for reference or add information with ease using the Notebook add-on for Zoho Projects. Create different types of notes—including text, photos, checklists and files—in Notebook from within Zoho Projects. For more details on how to use this integration, visit here.

We would like to let you know that all this could not have been possible without your valuable suggestions. We hope that you explore these new additions and let us in on your thoughts so that we can keep up with your expectations. Feel free to share with us your integration wishlist in the comments section.


9 Replies to Notebook update: Introducing Notebook for Linux, Gmail Add-on, New Integrations and more.

  1. Buenas tardes, no funciona le importación desde Keep, estoy siguiendo las instrucciones pero me sale un mensaje "Is trusted" :true, le doy ok y no hace nada. Mi archivo .zip ocupa 380 mb inferior a los 500 que indican como maximo. Les agradecería alguna solución, un saludo

    1. Hi Juan, Appreciate you taking the time to post your comment. We understand that you are having some difficulties in migrating your notes from Google Keep to Notebook. The thing we would like to know is if it happens for a particular zip file or every zip file that you try to upload. So, can you please try running the migration again with a different zip file and let us know? If you have any further difficulties, please reach out to us at and it will be helpful for us to analyze the issue. Thanks!

  2. Thank you very much for the great effort- this is a top-notch NOTEBOOK way better or best than the leading popular notebooks around. I've been searching the best note taking app, I've tried almost ALL Android apps that fits my criteria until I stumble on this one- really rocks! Job well done. :)

    1. Hey Teymoor, We are working on integrating Notebook app with all major services. It will be soon integrated with IFTTT. Please keep following our blog and forums for current updates.

  3. Meanwhile, old problems are not solved. The Mac app always crashes and the Chrome extension is unusable because it constantly requires login.

    1. Hi, The latest update has some crash fixes. Please update the app from Mac App Store and let us know if it works fine. If you still face any issue, please send a feedback from the app, so that we can analyze the user logs and fix the issue. Regarding the login issue with the Chrome extension, please reach us to, our support assistant will help you in resolving the issue.

  4. Very glad for the Linux version! thanks! I noticed a bug in this release for Windows and Linux versions: the "set passcode" is not working. I defined a passcode, but the application never asks for it during application startup, the lock duration is set to "immediately" . It works fine in the android version, though.

    1. Hi, App lock feature is not provided for Windows and Linux. It is only available for Notebook mobile and Mac application. In Windows, Linux and Web, only the notes and notebooks which you've locked will be locked on opening the application. If this doesn't work as expected, please write us to, we'll have this analyzed.

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