Our customer console sports a brand new look!

Remote support serves its purpose only if it solves the end customer’s problems. Remote customers have a role to play in effective issue resolution, but that’s only possible if they work in harmony with the technician. For customers to feel secure and to see themselves in the driver’s seat during a remote session, they must have enough control over what happens in the session, so they need a feature-rich interface. A complete revamp of the user interface would annoy users who are already familiar with the existing version of the remote support app.

With these reasons in mind, and few others from your valuable feedback, we added extra dimensions and multiple layers to our customer console. Our new customer console will offer the end customer lot more functionalities and will keep the things users liked most from the previous version.

Here are few things we think you’ll like about our remodeled customer console:

Customers can now transfer files.

During a remote support session, there are number of activities like software installations, patch updates, and driver installations that require file transfer. By allowing only the technicians to send or receive files, customers might feel vulnerable to expose their sensitive data. By including file transfer in the customer console, your customers can choose the files they wish to send the technician.

Choose the monitor you want the technicians to see.

If remote customers have multiple monitors connected to their device, most times they won’t want the technician to work with all of them or to switch between screens without notifying them. Multi-monitor navigation allows a remote customer to control the monitor the technician should view at any given point of time during the session.

Keep tabs on the participants of the session.

To save time while dealing with complex issues, you need multiple technicians with different domains of expertise. If multiple technicians are involved in a remote support session, customers have every right to know who’s accessing their device. Alternatively, if you have multiple people joining you for a demo or training, yoJu’ll want to know how many of them are active at any given moment. Our new addition, Participants, allows the customer to view participants who are currently involved in the remote session.

Have your customers enable the proxy from their console.

A proxy server is essential, as it acts as a security protector for remote customers. With the new console, remote customers should go no further than their console to enable the proxy.

Drag and minimize the console.

Certain operations on the remote computer require a full-screen view. In such cases, you might feel that the customer console is obstructing your view. To get a more clear view of the remote computer, you can drag the customer console and also minimize the console at any time during the session.

Keeping some things unchanged.

Along with the new feature set, customers will also have access to the existing features from our older user interface. Customers can start or stop screen sharing, annotation, chat, and swap screen options as they would with the previous version of the customer console.

We hope the customer console will enhance the remote support experience for you and your customer. Please leave us a line below, we’d love to know what you think.


4 Replies to Our customer console sports a brand new look!

  1. Would love to be positive, but really not happy with the changes. The new release seems to have so many bugs. When I tried to end the meeting on my side or the customer side with the new menu bar, nothing happens. I ended up disconnecting from the customer and they were stuck with the screen asking them which app they want to associate with Zoho and they could not get rid of the screen. It would not close, they were very frustrated and ended up having to reboot the computer to get rid of Zoho - not good at all. I am dreading doing more remote sessions with the same. I have been using it under chrome because it was so unstable/unreliable on the old version under Internet Explorer, Now I'm stuck with the version that's unreliable under both.

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