Managing temps made easy with the Zoho Recruit-Workerly integration

We are delighted to announce Zoho Recruit is now integrated with Zoho Workerly!

Workerly, one of the youngest Zoho products, was specifically designed to manage temporary workforces and help staffing agencies do their jobs quicker and easier. It was developed in response to the growing popularity of contingent recruitment over the last decade. Whereas in the past applicants desired job safety and security, there has recently been more of an interest in temporary work experiences.

We realized there was a need in the temporary staffing market for a software solution that was both flexible and reliable. Thus Zoho Workerly was born. And with our new integration, you can leverage the power of Zoho Recruit for your Workerly staffing needs.

Employment in temporary staffing (non-IT and IT) increased from 4 million in 2009 to 6 million in 2019, showing increased reliance on staffing agencies by employers to fill jobs in light of the current talent shortage."

—Krista Palmisano, Allegis Global Solutions

Say that you primarily recruit for temporary jobs. You have candidates, but their data is in Zoho Recruit. This new integration is the bridge you need to transport that information to Workerly.

We wanted to ensure this integration enables recruiters to handle multiple use cases with ease. It will let you screen and hire candidates via Zoho Recruit, convert them into temps, push them to Workerly, and monitor their employee life cycles.

Companies often rely on temp agencies to support their hiring needs for a short or set period. This can be a huge opportunity for candidates looking to get their foot in the door. These agencies are a boon for employers filling temporary positions with the added advantage of turning them into direct hires — trained and ready for the role!"

—Vincenza Caruso-Valente, Staffing Industry Analysis

Having temps can be both cost-cutting and time-saving, and with Zoho Workerly, it's even more streamlined. Here is a quick walkthrough of what you can do with temps in Workerly:

Schedule and reschedule: Your candidates, once converted into temps in Zoho Workerly, can be assigned jobs and scheduled or rescheduled as needed.

E-timesheets: Generate timesheets as soon as a job starts, send for approval, and close all payments on time.

E-signatures: Still using old-school hand signatures? Zoho Workerly is now equipped with e-signature capabilities so that approvals can be done in no time.

Availability: It's always helpful to stay informed about a temp's availability. And if they're unavailable, now you can easily assign another temp when needed and avoid confusion.

Temp communication: It's important to keep temps and other stakeholders on the same page. Use notifications whenever a new job is assigned or unassigned to keep everyone informed.

Find more about how the integration works here.

We’re sure you’ll love this feature. Please share your comments below.

May the tempforce be with you!


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