Get your jobs to the top of Google Search with Zoho Recruit

Advertising job openings isn’t just about posting them on career sites or job boards; it’s about putting them in front of the right talent and gain maximizing visibility–whether you’re hiring a full-time iOS developer or a freelance writer.

Today, a lot of search queries are made on Google, making it the first resource for many candidates applying for jobs.

Now, with Zoho Recruit’s integration with Google Search, we’re bringing them both together so you can find more qualified applicants and get your job postings on page one.

Get a prominent place in search results

Highlighting the roles and responsibilities of job postings is already part of a recruiter’s daily work. Now, Zoho Recruit helps you gain maximum reach through Google’s job search engine.

According to Google, “your postings are eligible to be displayed in the in the new job search feature on Google, featuring your logo, reviews, and job details.”

Bring your jobs into the big picture 

Jobs on Google Search allows applicants to target their search, giving them the opportunity to narrow down jobs by location, job title, and many other criteria making job hunting now as simple as a Google search.

Meet Sally, an applicant looking for a Full Stack Developer job in an IT firm. She types “Full Stack Developer” into a Google Search and gets a list of jobs matching her query. This is how her screen will look. 

The job listing shows when the job was posted, whether the position is full-time, where it was posted, and much more.

And the best thing? It is mobile optimized too!

Closing with an Open Question

As the recruitment landscape continues to shift, isn’t it important for hiring managers and recruiters to stay flexible in their ways of attracting candidates?

We’re constantly looking to improve this integration—and more—with your feedback.

Try it out and see how it works for you. Questions? Comments? Feedback? Write to us in the comments section below or drop an email to


2 Replies to Get your jobs to the top of Google Search with Zoho Recruit

  1. It's amzing the way Google's search engine has evolved to make things easier for the user. It's important everyone optimises their content to take advantage like this.

  2. One qn not related to this but in gen : Its for candidates applying to jobs . In cv they extrapolate skills and apply for jobs ( hide it in required skills column in white) but the algorithm will still read it . For an eg a mechanical engineer who doesn't posses .net will put those skills in white and upload resume . Will the AI tool shortlist his resume based on relevancy ???

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