Decoding 5 myths surrounding employee training and development

Training and development are vital to maximizing the value offered by each of your employees and helping them grow in their respective careers. However, even a small mistake in organizing learning programs can somehow reduce their effectiveness. The first step to preventing these errors is to steer clear of all the common myths associated with employee training and development.

Decoding popular myths associated with employee training and development

In this article, we are debunking five training and development myths:

  • Training is not just for employees whose performance is not satisfactory or for employees who are in their onboarding phase. Every employee, irrespective of designation and experience, requires training to scale up.

  • A successful training program will not restrict itself to just sharing key information and breaking down complex topics. It should enable learners to collaborate with their fellow peers and exchange knowledge. Only this will spark creativity and help employees think out of the box.

  • Training is not just beneficial to employees. It’s a two-way street. The more you train your employees, the more loyal they’ll become and the harder they’ll strive to scale up your business.

  • Online training programs can be as effective as classroom training. With an intuitive learning management system, employees can attend live online sessions, collaborate with their fellow learners, complete assignments, and take tests no matter where they work from.

  • Training programs shouldn’t be a once-a-year thing. They have to be organized at regular intervals for you to see prominent changes in the way your employees perform and grow in their roles.

Read more detailed information about the popular myths associated with employee training and development in our HR Knowledge Hive.


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