New Features to help you with Document Merge

This past year, we’ve been working hard on improving document merge, adding more ways to automate and customize your document generation. Today, we’re excited to introduce:


Dynamic Charts 

Bring your data to life! You can now generate charts from your records and include them in your generated documents. To know more, click here.


Filter and Sort Records

You can now use filters to omit some records from being merged. For example, you can segment your records by country, and tailor your document to each locale. Or, given years of raw sales data, auto-generate a sales report every month, by applying a time filter like: “date is less than 1 month from today”.

Conditional text based in date criteria

We’ve also added sorting options to record tables to help you explore your records from within Writer.

Sort records by date


Share Merged Documents as Links or QR Codes

We’ve added the option of sending a public link or QR code to your users, which may be easier than attaching or embedding the document in your emails. The generated links track who’s opened the document and when, and will always point to the latest version of your merged document, so you don’t have to worry about sending users your updates.


Tailor made workflow Post Merge 

Write custom scripts to automate the actions you repeat after merging. For example, automatically share your document to user’s dropbox account, or generate a PDF copy and archive it in a WorkDrive folder.


Automatically Pre-fill Your PDF Forms

For those of you that use Writer for fillable forms, you can now use merge to leverage existing user records to pre-fill fields for forms that you send them, saving users time and effort.


We’ve also made it easier to:

 Auto-number documents that are generated from a merge. Document sequence number automatically generates a new identifier for each document generated from a template.

For example, the invoice number ‘INV-22-01-009’ includes the month and year, referring to the ninth invoice issued in Jan 2022. The first invoice of January 2022, would be numbered ‘INV-22-01-001’.

 Share templates – merge, sign or fill to spread the benefits throughout your organization.

 Preference to control empty data field values in merge.

 Bulk Merge APIs allow users to generate thousands of documents for storing, emailing or to send for signature collection. To know more, click here.

And don’t forget, if you have any feedback about these features or ideas for new ones, you can join the discussion at the Zoho Writer Community.

Happy Merging!


4 Replies to New Features to help you with Document Merge

  1. Thank you for these new features! One question re: the "Tailor made workflow Post Merge" feature: Is it possible to script the combination of 2 or more PDFs into a single PDF? In other words, if I merge a document, and have the user specify another PDF file or URL, can I write a post-merge script that will take these two files and create a single PDF comprised of both PDFs?

    1. Hey Ian! We're currently working on implementing the Rest API to merge PDFs. We will let you know once the feature is released in production.

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