How an LMS supports blended learning courses

Organizing blended learning courses, which combines online and classroom training, is a great way to motivate your employees to participate in training programs. This learner-centric training technique makes learning more efficient because topics that are more complex can be distinguished from those that are simpler, and the associated coursed can be administered in the right way. However, the success of blended learning programs is largely dependent on how they are delivered to your employees. Having a Learning Management System (LMS) can help you create and manage blended learning courses. Here’s how an LMS facilitates blended learning courses:

  • Helps employees access all essential learning materials through their laptops, smartphones, or tablets
  • Allows course instructors to organize virtual learning sessions, connecting learners from any part of the world instantly
  • Enables learners to collaborate with their peers and course instructors online
  • Supports targeted learning as multiple courses specific to different departments, roles, and designations can be created in a single place
  • Provides insightful reports with learning analytics that are necessary to improve courses and make them more learner-centric

Read more about how an LMS supports blended learning courses in our HR Knowledge Hive.


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