Top trends that will shape the global workforce in 2021

2020 left a long-lasting impression on the global workforce. We adopted remote work in cases where we thought it was impossible. Employee management practices shifted to keep up with the changing conditions. And at the forefront of this worldwide transition in the traditional workplace were HR professionals.

Top priorities for HR in 2021

Now, as we step into 2021, knowing the top workforce trends that have recently emerged will allow you to plan and execute your employee management strategies effectively. More focus is needed on:

  • Wellness management: Help employees improve their work-life balance, strengthen their immune system, and fend off burnout caused by the new normal working conditions.

  • Remote work culture: Keep remote employees engaged, enhance communication and collaboration among teams, and provide an effective remote work experience.

  • Diversity, equality, and inclusion: Foster a work environment that celebrates ideas from a variety of backgrounds.

  • Skill development: Train and support employees as they navigate through these challenging times.

  • Flexibility: Help employees balance their professional responsibilities and personal duties, which will improve their happiness and satisfaction levels.

  • Employee experience: Focus on what matters the most to employees and introduce strategies that will help them emerge successfully from this pandemic.


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