Adding it up: Zoho Recruit now supports 27 languages, including Arabic

When we launched our first RTL language—Hebrew—back in 2015, a good bunch of users came through with requests for language support in Arabic. Today, we’re happy to announce that it’s now live!

This is what we hear when recruiters ask if we support Arabic.

هل يمكننا إرسال بريد إلكتروني باللغة العربية إلى المرشحين؟”

[“Can we email our candidates in Arabic?”]

نود أن تكون واجهتنا كاملة باللغة العربية”

[“We’d like to have our entire interface in Arabic”]

هل يمكنني الحصول على بوابة الموردين باللغة العربية؟”

[“Can I have my Vendor portal in Arabic?”]

Now we can proudly say YES!

How much easier would conversations be if you could have them all in your native tongue? Arabic is now part of our package, thanks to an all-hands effort from the team.

Maybe your client feedback isn’t always in English and you want everyone on your team to be able to understand it better; or perhaps you want your candidate and vendor portals to be localized. Not to forget your communication with candidates, too. At Zoho Recruit, we work hard to ensure our software is as inclusive as possible.

That’s why we released Arabic support for Zoho Recruit. You can now set your language and time zone, create templates and modules, maintain your candidate data, and send out emails—all in Arabic.

“As an international company serving over 60 million users across the globe, supporting local languages in our software and ensuring an excellent experience for both our customers and their customers is a top priority. Complete support for the Arabic language will help us with this, particularly in the MENA region. Specifically for HR companies and departments, using software that fully supports Arabic will help recruiters and candidates alike to have an improved experience, connect more efficiently, and achieve their goals more effectively.”

Ali Shabdar, MEA Regional Manager Zoho Corp.

How to set it up:

To update your time zone and language:

  1. Click your profile under personal settings, and click the pencil icon.
  2. Make changes to the language and time zone in the locale Information section.

Here’s how your client and vendor portals would look after making the switch:

And just in case you’re wondering, here’s the list of all the languages we support:

English (US)                          French                        Portuguese (Brazil)

English (UK)                         German                      Portuguese (Portugal)

Bulgarian                               Hebrew                       Russian

Chinese (Mandarin)            Hungarian                  Spanish

Chinese (Cantonese)           Italian                          Swedish

Croatian                                 Japanese                     Turkish

Danish                                    Korean                        Vietnamese

Dutch                                      Polish                          Arabic

Slovenian                               Macedonian               Serbian

Arabic is now available on all plans of Zoho Recruit. Sign up to start your forever-free trial, or click here to play around with Zoho Recruit’s sandbox—a test environment where you can try the features out—and learn more.

Better power for your recruiting with Zoho Recruit


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