Remove unnecessary error lines and improve language skills? We did both.

“I’m pretty sure I know how to spell my own name 😒…” I think many of us have been in a situation where our document inexplicably throws those red or green squiggle lines under words or phrases that don’t need them.

Luckily, this isn’t an issue with Writer anymore because we’ve added a list of features to help improve Writer’s language skills and recognize uncommon words, so you won’t have to keep hitting the “ignore all” button each time.

Custom dictionaries for organizations

There are certain industry-specific terms and even employee names that many companies use while drafting their documents. However, since your general dictionary doesn’t recognize them, it’ll usually mark them all as errors.

To avoid this from happening on an organizational level, Writer lets you include these industry-specific terms in your dictionary and apply the same throughout your organization.

Once admins set up Org Dictionary, employee names will get automatically generated, so that they won’t be marked as errors in the future.

Smarter spell checks

Working with names other than the ones in your team? We’ve also trained Zia to detect names of people, places, and popular institutions in your text so that those aren’t marked as an error either.

Zia has learned different types of sentence sets so that whenever you type a sentence with a name or place name, she’s quick to identify them.

Incomplete sentence

We also gave Zia a neat update: the ability to understand broken or incomplete phrases in your writing. Now, Zia checks every sentence for missing verbs or subjects and highlights them for you. You can then expand such fragments into sentences, or leave it as it is according to how you want.

Is that really a sentence fragment or not?

Most titles and table headings may look like incomplete sentences, even though they are contextually correct. Zia ignores such sentence fragments and intelligently decides which phrases to treat as fragments or not.

Number format consistency
Is it 200 or two hundred? No need to pause and look up formatting rules, because Zia knows it’s 200. There are quite a few style rules when it comes to writing numbers, and our engineers have spent the last couple of months training Zia to learn them all.

Talking about consistency, spelling and grammar corrections in Writer now retains the existing capitalization after you accept a suggestion. A small yet useful touch and we’re glad you told us about it.

That’s all for now. Lets us know what you think of these updates in the comments below.

Happy writing!


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