7 ways to strengthen your relationship with your customer

Good relationships are formed through communication and trust, so how is your relationship with your customers any different? A loyal customer base cannot be formed overnight—it requires communication, empathy, and dependability. Besides what the consumer sees and feels, there is a whole sea of data and details that you need to wade through and decipher to better understand if your customer is fully pleased with your product and with your partnership.

Here are seven easy ways and some tools to help you develop meaningful and long-lasting customer relationships without leaving Zoho Desk.

Make your customer relationship a top priority

Gauge your customers' interest and how likely they are to stay with you by connecting your CRM tools with Zoho Desk. This will help you find out if they're a prospect, first-time customer, repeat customer, client, or advocate, allowing you to prioritize and convert accordingly. Get a 360-degree view of your customer profile within Zoho Desk.

Insightly CRM         SugarCRM

Show your customers you'll be available whenever and wherever they need you

Engage with your customers on platforms they are comfortable with. You can improve customer satisfaction with timely responses and consistent support on all social platforms right from Zoho Desk. Automatically create a ticket out of every new comment posted on social channels so that none of your customer queries go unanswered.

Vimeo        MessageBird

Know how to make your customers feel loved and valued

There is no better way to make someone feel valued than by asking for their opinion and advice, and this applies to customers as well. As a business, you'll not only gain useful insights from trusted clients, but you'll also make your bond stronger by making them feel involved and their voices heard.

    SurveyGizmo     Typeform 

Show your customers you're willing to hear and understand them 

Stay in touch through phone calls. And while you're at it, why get on a call with half-baked details? Be prepared for every query with an overview of the customer's profile, conversation history, and prior issues. Create tickets automatically after the conversation and more.

RingCentral             Aircall 

Customize messages with contextual communication 

Tailor you communications in ways that are of value to your customers. Why make your customers feel like they are talking to bots when you can send customized messages from Zoho Desk with full context of the ticket in hand?

     Burst SMS       Twilio 

Ask your customers to share (their screens)

Collaborate in real time by initiating a remote access session with a single click directly from a Zoho Desk ticket. Share the session link through pre-configured email templates to get your clients on board. Enable instant and installation-free screen access.

   Teamviewer           Zoom 

Stay transparent and win your customers' trust 

Connect your finance and accounting tools to Zoho Desk so you can send invoices and payment details with zero errors. View contextual invoices, bills, and estimates within Zoho Desk customer profiles and say goodbye to switching between platforms.

    Xero                Freshbooks 

What tools are you using to communicate better with your customers? Drop them in the comments section below so we can work on integrating them into Zoho Desk .


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