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helpdesk software

7 benefits mobile customer service apps unleash

Seven years ago, I graduated high school. That night with the whole world in front of us, Crandall High School’s Class of 2007, we were...

Zoho Support 4 min read

Free unlimited users! Freedom from software licenses!

Ever since we started building Zoho Support, we’ve firmly believed that small businesses must also be able to deliver world class customer service without having...

Zoho Support 2 min read

Code Red! How good is your emergency response?

For decades together, the traditional customer support paradigm worked like a charm. Businesses were happy with a ‘good’ ratio of positive to negative experiences. Over...

Zoho Support 2 min read

We’re flat-world-friendly! Are you?

In 2005, Thomas L Friedman proposed that the world was becoming flat. Today, we can be certain that it already has! What that has done is...

Zoho Support 1 min read