Zoho People 4.0 is the HR Platform Built for Your People

Zoho People 4.0 is here.

With a new look and a host of improvements, Zoho People 4.0 is our latest leap forward in building a comprehensive HR management system that caters to employees as much as employers.

Here’s what we’re bringing to the latest version of your HRMS–all for a happier workforce.


Case management that streamlines communication

Zoho People’s Cases is a query-management tool that lets employees get their questions answered directly, while providing HR with an easy way to sort queries without sending emails back and forth or relying on multiple other channels.


Cases lets you create definable categories like payroll, training sessions or travel management to send questions through. Individual agents–or a group of agents–can be assigned to these categories, with options to comment on or add tasks to the Case for more active collaboration. Employees can thus use Cases to get answers to their questions in specific areas.

The categories in Cases can also include additional information in the category, such as FAQs and other files, like company policy documents, all so employees needn’t make rely on HR for answers to common questions.


Admins can track Cases to see which are active, which require attention, and which have been wrapped up. Reports present visual summaries of important information without clutter.

Delivering services that simplify HR

Some HR activities are tedious. So many forms, so much to keep track of. Zoho People 4.0 introduces Services to provide employees and HR a straightforward way to manage important actions.


From creating forms to adding workflows and automating them with the right permissions and approval criteria, admins can take charge of the components of the service from end to end. Include important information about these Services in the form of FAQs or additional company documents.


A deeper level of customization for leave policies

Adopting leave policies that are perfectly suited to your organization is one of HR’s most important and complex jobs. Zoho People makes it simpler than ever to configure leave policies, while maintaining a high degree of flexibilty.

Now, you can apply advanced settings such as prorate accrual, leave encashment and carry forward, and leave balances. It also lets you customize several other applicability and restriction settings, such as on the inclusion of weekends in leave days, and the daily duration of allowed time off.


Advanced analytics for a deeper look at your organization 

Expand the scope of what you can do with the native reports generated through Zoho People. Advanced analytics-made possible with Zoho Analytics- lets you navigate more in-depth information about your organization, while also making your discoveries accessible.


Generate customizable multidimensional tables, such as query tables, from the records you access through Zoho People. The Reports Dashboard lets HR view summaries of key reports from the Home page without having to dig into their complexities.


Self-service redesigned for simplicity and accessibility

The self-service page has been enhanced in Zoho People 4.0 with simple views for timesheets, leave and attendance records, empowering employees to track them without having to rely on HR. The new Delegations feature also lets a manager set up delegatees on a temporary or permanent basis from the self-service page.


Job scheduling to keep your projects running on time


With the enhanced Time Tracker module, the Job Schedule gives you one-stop access to the jobs and projects that employees have been assigned on a particular date. Add jobs from their associated projects to a particular time of day, or create new ones. This allows you to carve out the necessary hours for multiple jobs within an employee’s shift, thereby managing the time that goes into a project.

 Zoho People 4.0 has been a labor of love and we’re very excited to have it out in the world. We hope you find it intuitive and productive, and the definitive HRMS experience for you. Give it a try and let us know what you think!


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  1. I have installed a bio-metric access system, manufactured by ESSL, Bengaluru, in our office. I want it integrated to Zoho People.

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