22 Replies to Zoho Projects 6 brings all four types of task dependencies and more.

    1. Hi Munesh, You can integrate with Zoho People, or import your users from Zoho CRM and Google Apps, but we do not support any imports from other HR systems.

    1. Hi Sajin, In our future updates, we have plans to restrict the maximum numbers of hours that can be logged per day/week. When that's taken up, we'll consider your use case too. Thank you. :)

    1. Hi Michael, Yes, they will be notified when predecessor task is complete. This can be controlled in your Email notification settings page.

        1. Hi Michael, If you turn it on in Notifications under your Personal preferences, then you will be notified for all tasks that you created and/or are assigned to.

  1. Will there ever be support for the following scenario: Task A is depended on by Task B. When Task A is completed, the owner of Task B is automatically notified that the task is complete and work can start.

  2. Hello, When do you plan to release the "per user-per task" custom privileges feature? We cannot work without this. I was very surprised and upset to find out that (basically) everybody can see and modify (basically) everything after buying your product. Thank you.

    1. Hi Frane, We are building custom roles and permissions where you can control permissions to edit tasks. Stay tuned. :)

  3. Can this dependency set up in the tasklist template? We really need the tasklist can have dependency and owner setting, thank you.

    1. Hi Rella, Thank you for your suggestion! This is not in our immediate plans yet, but we will consider this in the future. Keep the feedback coming!

        1. Hey Stephen, Project templates do have tasklists and you can set dependencies between tasks under them.

  4. What plan do I need to make use of the new dependency types? All I'm told is my current (free) plan does not support dependencies other than finish to start

    1. Hi Blake. All four types are available from our Premium plan onwards. Do let us know if you'd like a trial to check them out!

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