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In the previous post on help desk analytics, we spoke about some key metrics to monitor in order to run a successful help desk. In this post, we’re going to dive deeper and see how agent performance can be measured and improved.

Have you ever watched your favorite sports team lose because of a few players who were just phoning it? Well, just like Rob Gronkowski and Matt Light of the New England Patriots, if some of your support agents don’t give their best, that puts the whole customer service and support teams at risk. Fortunately, as a customer support manager, you can easily track agent performance and analyze the quality of your customer support.

From ticket inflow to ticket resolution, there are so many metrics that can be used to measure agent performance. Tracking these metrics can become a tedious task if you have to switch between reports across multiple tabs all the time. But, if you have all of these metrics and figures organized in one place, it’s much simpler.

*Scroll down (or) see the entire dashboard here.

The above dashboard provides you with quick insights into the support team’s performance. You can track all essential metrics such as tickets handled, first reply time, resolution time, agent workload, and more etc in one quick glance. Here’s a quick rundown of the most important metrics:

1. First reply time

” 75% of online customers expect help within 5 minutes.”
– McKinsey

Responsiveness to customer queries is a crucial part of providing good customer service. A speedy response will make your customers feel heard and valued. Studies have shown that customer satisfaction levels peak when they feel valued by the service provider.

2. Resolution time:

Now that the first reply has been made, how long does it take to completely resolve an issue? Longer wait times will result in frustrated customers and reflect poorly on a brand’s image. Prompt responses must be followed up by quick resolutions.


3. Agent satisfaction score:

“Companies that excel at customer experience grow revenues 4-8% above the market.”
– Bain & Co.

Happy customers are loyal customers. But how do you measure customer happiness? One easy way is to measure the individual agent satisfaction score. This metric will helps you determine the quality of your service and how satisfied your customers are with your agents. This score gives you important clues to improve your team’s performance, increase customer satisfaction and ultimately, boost your revenue.

4. Top 5 / Bottom 5 agents:

Identifying your strongest and weakest agents will help you know where to improve. This is very important for training the underperforming agents and allocating important tickets to the best agents.


5. Agent workload:

Agent workload metrics paint a bigger picture of your entire support department. They give you all of the big figures such as tickets handled, tickets resolved in time, overdue tickets, backlog, and more. Knowing these numbers will help you distribute the workload and manage your ticket inflow as efficiently as possible.

Of course, every business is different, and some metrics may be more crucial than others for certain organizations. Do you use any other metrics to evaluate your helpdesk team? We would love to hear about it.

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  1. Thanks you. To measure "Agent workload", you also need to measure how many hours agent has and how much of that time is used for solving tickets. This feather is still missing with Zoho.

  2. Being in the Sales Training Business it is good to see an article written by someone who has a real grasp of the subject matter!

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