Hiring remotely? We've got your back.

The past few months have been busy at Zoho Recruit. With remote work starting to feel more natural to us, we’ve crafted some features to help you feel the same at your organization. Give them a look and let us know what you think!

#1. Hire remotely with Zoho Recruit

Post and market jobs that are defined for an exclusive remote setup. Candidates hired for a “remote” job can have the flexibility of working from their home or any personal office they have set up. Learn more about our remote setup for job postings.

#2. Zoho Recruit is now integrated with HackerEarth

Zoho Recruit is now partnering with HackerEarth, a suite of assessment products that helps you reduce the time and effort involved with hiring and ensure that you hire only the best for your organization.

Integrate your HackerEarth account with Zoho Recruit today and send assessments to applicants directly from Zoho Recruit. There’s no need to leave our system to send a test or view results. Everything can be done from the candidate’s profile. Learn more about our integration with HackerEarth.

#3. Keep track of feedback and comments better

You can leave comments when performing an action, such as associating a candidate with a job opening or submitting interview feedback. These comments will now be added to the notes section of the records involved in the process, and the action name will become the note title. Learn more about leaving comments as notes.

#4. Stay updated with smarter notifications

Notifications are important, but they can also be overwhelming. To combat this, we have implemented a non-invasive notification system that lets you choose what notifications you want to receive. Learn more about our custom notification setup.

#5. Send and track interview invites.

Tired of tracking interview invites manually? Using Zoho Recruit’s RSVP feature, you can send and track the interview invitations that go out to both candidates and interviewers. With RSVP, recruiters can track if interviewers and candidates have accepted or declined their invites. This can be done from the Interview detail page or through the Interview Kit on the list page. Learn more about our RSVP feature.

Got some feedback or a suggestion? Let us know in the comments or reach out to us at support@zohorecruit.com.


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