Leveraging Technology to Achieve HR Modernization

HR modernization

This is a guest blog by Verified First, a HR company that specializes in pre-employment background screening. Verified First can connect with over 100 HR tech platforms with its revolutionary technology and a slick, patented browser integration.

The modern workforce looks completely different than it did just three years ago. Employee needs, legislation updates, and business demands have all changed. As a result, HR leaders like you have been adopting a new viewpoint regarding the future success of their organizations: modernization.

HR modernization has become a buzzword frequently mentioned but rarely explored. As you begin to think about your modernization strategy, it’s common to jump to implementing new technology. But modernization is about more than just your tech stack. HR modernization is about transforming your relationship with the business: how you do and think about your work, provide value, and evolve your team and processes.

That doesn't mean HR technology is not important. It’s still an essential part of your modernization strategy. But with so much technology to choose from and trends changing daily, how do you know what tech can help meet your goals?

How Technology Can Help Achieve Your HR Modernization Goals  

Technology is a tool, not a process. While most teams currently use technology to increase productivity, enhance performance, and streamline operations, a modern HR team will also use technology to leverage and accomplish its modernization strategy.

When carefully selected and properly implemented, technology can create value for the entire organization. Take the time to envision and define your ideal modernized state. After determining your optimal process, consider these questions:

  • Where do we want to automate?

  • In what areas will new technology help?

  • Is each of these steps necessary to accomplish our goals?

  • What are our current and future needs?

Selecting the Right Technology for your Needs  

When it comes to HR technology solutions, there is no one-size-fits-all. The best way to validate that software will meet your needs is to have clearly defined and prioritized requirements. Before evaluating technology options, we recommended conducting an internal needs analysis to understand your technology requirements. Here are some ways to begin exploring your needs:

  • SWOT analysis

  • Interview key stakeholders

  • Assess existing technology solutions

  • Budget planning

  • Readiness assessments

Your chosen technology should consider both your short- and long-term goals as a department and organization. Keeping your goals in mind, examine what applications make sense for your needs:

  • Artificial intelligence (AI)

  • Automation

  • Predictive analytics models

  • Business intelligence

  • Integrated solutions

It’s important to remember that each software and solution come with its own set of key requirements that must be evaluated during this phase of your selection process. To learn more about specific questions to ask potential technology partners and vendors, download the 2023 TA Tech Buyer’s Guide.

Utilizing Technology Integrations for Modernization  

No matter what technology you select for your organization, you have to integrate the stack. Integrating talent acquisition tech and HR systems has proven benefits in providing consistent data, enabling a better experience, and eliminating manual processes. However, integration continues to be a point of frustration for many HR professionals investing in new technology.

But it doesn’t have to be with Zoho Recruit and Verified First. Zoho Recruit is a powerful ATS and CRM in a single recruitment platform. Zoho’s recruitment solution is built to provide diver, end-to-end hiring solutions for businesses of all sizes and needs.

Better yet, Zoho Recruit’s recruitment solution integrates with Verified First via browser extension integration. With this 15-second integration, Zoho Recruit users can effortlessly order, review, and manage Verified First's background screening solutions within the Zoho Recruit platform. Integrating your tech stack doesn’t have to be complicated.


Modernizing your HR department is imperative to your organization's and employees' future success. With the advances in HR software, technology solutions offer more compelling returns on investment than ever. The question is not whether to invest in tech but which system is best for your business. To get started with an integrated solution, contact us!


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