Hello world 👋, this is Zoho OneAuth 3.0!

🪄Introducing Zoho OneAuth 3.0—geared to provide you with fortified security and an elevated user experience. We have revamped OneAuth and made it safer, swifter, and easier for users to enable two-factor authentication (TFA/2FA) for your online accounts.  

Zoho OneAuth is trusted by more than 1 million users across platforms for their everyday authentication. With OneAuth, you can access online accounts securely with an additional factor and prevent unauthorized access.

For the uninitiated, TFA is fast becoming the standard authentication mode for many online accounts. Some of these accounts are Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Shopify, Discord, and Google.

Learn more about TFA

OneAuth is secure and constantly updated with the latest tech improvements ensuring security. While designing the newest version of OneAuth, we have dedicated a lot of time in taking security up a notch and also focusing on providing an enhanced user experience.

Here is what's new!

🗂️Organize your online accounts with all-new folders

No more scrolling to get to the right OTP! Rapid navigation is coming your way.

Group your TFA accounts together based on their use. For example, if you've configured 2FA for your personal or work accounts, group them under the "Personal" or "Work" category and keep them in respective folders.

You can select numerous similar accounts of your choice and bring a sense of order to your Authenticator tab with folders. You can customize the tab by ordering and reordering folders to your priority.

🔮Associate brand logos for easier account identification

To accelerate the access to your accounts, we've listed more than 400 popular logos to map your favorite accounts. We've added a search bar to logos that can be used to pair with the relevant account in a snap.

⌚️Increased accessibility to your OTPs with OneAuth on Smartwatch 

Access OTPs on the go! With this release, we're extending OneAuth to Android watches.

If you're a wearOS watch user, you can now sync your online accounts to the OneAuth app on your watch and view OTPs from anywhere. You can also copy OTP codes right from your wrist to complete authentication.

P.S.: Just a reminder, Apple Watch users can also use the watchOS version of OneAuth which was released in 2021.

👨🏼‍💻Extended compatibility—OneAuth on Windows 

You've been asking for this a long time now. We're delighted to deliver it now 😎
Enjoy a superior sign-in experience from your Windows devices too, equipped with the latest 3.0 features.

The application is available in the Microsoft store now.

📤 📥Export and import accounts across platforms

Even without signing up for an account, you can enjoy almost every feature of OneAuth.

You can access your accounts on multiple devices just by downloading OneAuth on your new device and exporting your accounts to the other device.

Learn how to export and import accounts

Go ahead and import your accounts from Google Authenticator to enjoy secure cloud backups without having to configure all your online accounts again.

Now that we've outlined the major features that enhance your OneAuth experience, let's move to security updates.

🛡️Increased security with revamped sync logic  

Sync your accounts to the cloud and securely use OneAuth on any device.

Zoho OneAuth's cloud backup and recovery ensures you always have access to all your online accounts. The latest version comes with a major performance update that makes cloud sync more seamless for you. Every update to your account, like addition and deletion, will be synced across all devices in real time.

🔐Updated encryption process for improved data protection 

OneAuth has upgraded to an even better security practice with AES-GCM for the encryption and decryption of OTP secrets.

This, in no way interferes with our Zero Knowledge Architecture. We'll continue to ensure that ONLY YOU know this information and that it isn't stored anywhere.

Zoho OneAuth is trusted by a million users across the world 🌏 

To summarize, with our newest version of the app, we are aiming to improve usability and be the most secure authenticator for businesses and individuals alike.

Features like folder organization, app logo association, OTP access from your smartwatch screens, export/import features, and availability across all platforms and devices create a better user experience. For enhanced security, we have revamped the sync logic and also updated our encryption process while maintaining your privacy.

🥳 Don't forget to check out our all-new Windows app!

Stay tuned to this space for more updates from OneAuth✌️


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