Introducing Client Portal for Recruitment Agencies

Having a great relationship with clients is critical for a recruiter’s financial success, but it’s equally important to cut down on lengthy email conversations to ensure smooth and easy collaboration. To help you with this, we’ve been working on one of the most-requested features from our partners and customers: Client Portal.

Currently, users carry out all client-facing communications through multiple email threads, whether it’s a new job requisition from your clients, giving feedback for candidates, or making important hiring decisions.

Today, with lots of feedback from our customers and partners, we’re thrilled to announce Client Portal, a special edition of Zoho Recruit that caters to the needs of recruitment agencies managing multiple clients.

Introducing Client Portal in Zoho Recruit

Starting today, not only can you give your clients more control, but you also have the power and flexibility to collaborate with them in order to land the best candidates. This means you can add notes, share resumes and files, schedule calls, and let your clients self-manage every stage of the recruiting process.

If you’re a recruitment agency, here’s what makes Zoho Recruit a great fit for you. 

1) Put your brand first: Establishing your employer brand, both to candidates and clients, is an essential part of recruitment. By mapping your subdomain with Zoho Recruit and adding your company logo to the interface, you’ll always stay in sync with your company’s brand. Additionally, all of this will appear on custom client invite emails and your clients’ login page.

2) Take control of what clients can see: We know it’s important to control what permissions you give to clients. That’s why we have “Client Administrators” and “Client Interviewers”. While Administrators can access everything in their portal, interviewers can only access records assigned to them.

3) Evaluate applicants together: Team-up with your colleagues and clients when you evaluate candidates. Assign interviews to your contacts and add notes to make your hiring process more collaborative and organized.

4) Bring important feeds to focus: With the Activity Log, you can see a running history of activities happening. Be it an interview feedback for that perfect motion graphics designer, a new job requisition for an iOS developer (added by your client), or a star rating for a candidate.

5) Let your clients self-manage: Free yourself from actions like adding jobs and shortlisting them based on interview performance. Now, clients will have access and can perform all of these activities in the portal.

What’s in it for my clients?

1) See Everything on the Dashboard: The dashboard gives your clients a summary of stats such as jobs in the pipeline, yet-to-start, and filled, while also letting you dive deeper into each of these modules. Going a step further, they can also view the Candidates and Interview details on their respective pages.
2) Rate CandidatesYour clients can weigh in and give their opinions on all candidates you submit. Now, you can easily keep track of candidates, ranging from “Excellent”, “Good”, to “Poor” and make informed decisions when shortlisting candidates.

3) Submit Interview FeedbackSubmitting candidate profiles and getting interview feedback from clients is a big part of a recruiter’s job. With the Interviews module in the client portal, your clients can see a complete list of interviews and provide interview decision right away.

We are excited to introduce the Client Portal and are eager to see how it improves the client experience. If you have questions or comments, don’t hesitate to post them below.


6 Replies to Introducing Client Portal for Recruitment Agencies

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  2. We are using the client portal but it is very limited and my clients are saying it does not work for them. A key point is that the client is not notified when we submit a candidate. I think this is absolutely essential for this to work effectively. In the same way, we should be notified as soon as the client has assessed a candidate and by email not just a bell icon. Also the client should be able to request an interview be arranged, again notifications are required. We have upgraded to the Enterprise version but will not continue until these functions can be added. Its a bit of shame because it almost there but it is putting clients off that will be difficult to retain without this.

  3. Hello Aruna, Can you or someone please contact me? I am interested in the Client Portal version of Recruit. I would also like to know what features exist for a candidate portal/self service. Thank you! -Justin

    1. Hi Justin, I'm glad you like to know more about the Client Portal of Zoho Recruit. One of my team members will get in touch with you.

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