Reduce paper clutter with Doc Scanner for iOS

Digitizing documents is your strongest weapon in the fight against collecting too much paper. With Zoho’s Doc Scanner for iOS, you have access to the most capable document scanning app on the market. In addition to providing you with flawless, crisp scans, it comes with a set of essential features, including e-sign, OCR, translation, share, workflows, and more.


Create or add your signature from Zoho Sign to digitally sign documents. You can also add initials, names, sign date, email address, and more to your scanned doc.


Extract text from docs

 Doc Scanner’s powerful OCR capability lets you extract text from a scanned copy of a doc and edit it. This is useful when you need to send a doc as a file or search your documents. You also get a built-in voice reader that reads out your docs.


Translate. Traduisez. Traducete. Traduzca. Ubersetzen. Traducis. Переведите

Want to share the contents of a document in another language? Use the translate feature to translate your documents into eight different languages, including French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, and Japanese. You can also extract the content from a doc, translate it, and then save it as a new file.

Share and create workflows

The share option makes it easy for you to upload your scanned documents to your favorite cloud services—like Dropbox, Zoho WorkDrive, Google Drive, Notebook, and One Drive—or to send them by email or iMessage. You can also automate this by adding your scanned docs to a workflow that comprises one or more of these actions. This means once you set up the workflow, you simply have to click on that particular workflow to set in motion the sequence of actions.

Stay organized

A document scanning app is incomplete without a way to organize your documents. Create Folder allows you to separate your docs, while adding tags to categorize your files sets you up to find them quickly. The Auto Tags Suggest feature provides intelligent tag suggestions for every doc you scan.


And this is only a glimpse of what you can do with Doc Scanner for iOS. There are many more interesting features built into the app. We hope you use it to its fullest, and remember to share your experience with us. To start reducing paper clutter using Doc Scanner, visit App Store

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    1. Hi Daniele, Doc Scanner is a part of Zoho One. Use your Zoho One credentials in the app's settings to unlock the entire feature set. If you have any suggestions/feedback, please write to us at

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