Maintaining records gets easier with Zoho Recruit

organise data in atsRecruiters often manage heaps of data, including candidate records, jobs, and employee records. If their databases are not properly organized, it can cause them to spend more time on tasks than necessary. It can also create a lot of room for error.

Zoho Recruit understands this and offers multiple solutions to simplify the process. Here are some of our latest product enhancements that can elevate your database management.

Use colors to organize your records  

You can now use colors to identify, mark, track, search, and filter records. These tags are customizable and can be used to organize and categorize candidates, jobs, and other records within the system.

Curious to learn how this feature works? Read more about it here

View highlights of a candidate record with the business card   function

The business card view enables you to view a record's most important details without having to scroll and search through your entire data bank. You can pick the fields based on the information that you want to see, or share with other users.

The maximum number of fields that can be added to the business card has been increased to 10, allowing you to get even more information at a glance.

Learn more about how the business card feature works here

Don't lose data while importing  

Importing from your CRM account

When you sync data from your CRM account, existing field values in your Recruit account are overwritten. If a record in your Recruit account has a field that is filled but the same field is empty in CRM, then the field in Recruit might get updated with the empty value from CRM.

To prevent filled fields from being updated with empty values, we've introduced a toggle that allows you to skip empty fields during syncs.

Import from spreadsheet

Just like when you import data from Zoho CRM, values from a spreadsheet are overwritten on the existing field values in your Recruit account. If a record in your Recruit account has a field that is filled but the corresponding column in the spreadsheet is empty, then the field might get updated with an empty value.

This is why we've introduced a checkbox to prevent filled fields from being updated with empty values.

Recruit efficiently with Zoho Recruit 

Something as simple as organizing your records better can go a long way in saving time and minimizing errors, and it can potentially even cut costs throughout your recruitment process. The Zoho Recruit team understands these intricate challenges that recruiters face and empowers them with tools they need.

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