Recruiters, job hunting is now a thing of the past. 

Job seekers and passive candidates are instead actively being sought after by recruiters. So now it’s all about talent hunting.     

Competition for talent is fiercer than ever, and it’s never been more difficult for recruiters to match the right candidate to the right job. Effective sourcing is no longer enough. These days, it’s common for candidates to get multiple offers at once. If you want them to stick with your company, you need to go the extra mile and treat the interviewing process seriously…serious enough that it requires its own on boarding process?. Well, yes. When you value their time, they’ll value yours.

1. Communication is paramount.
Proper communication channels are paramount to candidate and client engagement. An effective Blueprint will clear up space in your schedule for developing new strategies. Create a process that, in one guided cycle, automates call reminders, creates and schedules custom texts and emails, and updates candidates and clients, also set a task to update all the details of an interview in your in-built team channel.

2. Keep tabs on the social tab.
Having a quick dashboard view of your social profiles affords you an overview of your social activity and brand visibility. To ensure that top talent follows you, post regular updates about your company’s hiring, with a quick CTA for applicants to make the process of job application easy.

3. A candidate-friendly Careers page.
A vibrant and millenial-friendly Careers page , enhanced with a candidate portal that lists the jobs they have applied for, with the status of each next to the job requisition, will give candidates a 360-degree view so they can plan their next career move. Create an engaging interview experience for the candidate, so that they stick by you throughout the interview process, and no red flags at the end of it.

4. Keep data at your fingertips.
Recruiters today are also sales executives. Networking is a predominant part of their daily routine, and sometimes meetings happen on the go. Sync your database with a reporting tool to generate module-based reports daily, that can be presented anytime, anywhere.


When you can elevate your recruitment process, why not?
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