Recruitment SEO - Create an optimized careers page

A careers page defines your company’s brand for a job seeker. When you are advertising jobs and you’re ready to hire new employees, it’s essential to have a robust, consistent, and well-optimized recruitment webpage.

Candidates will instantly go into research mode and scour the internet for more information if they are interested in your company. You should expect job seekers to visit your company website to learn more about your leadership, the organizational culture, and the job openings in their field.

As an employer, you can improve the job-seeking experience and your company’s recruitment pipeline by building out and optimizing your site’s careers page.

A discoverable careers section of a company’s website starts with intentional and organized website architecture. Using a structure that incorporates location and department will segment job openings so that candidates can navigate freely.

It’s essential to keep your careers section user-friendly so candidates can find the information they need quickly and easily. Most companies will need to break job roles down by department, group them together onto separate pages, and branch them out to other job categories as needed.

Job seeking is an incredibly personal journey. Just like the other content on your website, you need to build your careers page with the end-user in mind. To ensure your job posting is found, it’s important to treat it like any other landing page. It needs to have content that tells a good story, and it should target relevant keywords that are easily found by search engine algorithms.

Job seekers typically search for a specific job, experience level, type of company, or industry, so it makes sense to include that information in the title tags. For example: 

  • Title (Electronics Engineer) | Type of Company or Industry (Engineering Jobs in the Electronics Industry) 

Organize the job posting to meet a job seeker’s expectations. Be sure to define the purpose of the role, its day-to-day responsibilities, and a summary of its general career path.

To ensure candidates find your job posting, do what you can to ensure your career site is discoverable. If you’re eager to identify top talent and improve your recruitment pipeline, job search optimization is an essential area to focus on.

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