Break out of the inbox with Slack for Zoho Recruit

From faxing over candidate profiles to instantly sharing data over the internet, information exchange has evolved drastically over time. As communication and data sharing have become easier and more accessible, recruiters have started shifting from traditional hiring models toward more collaborative methods.

Implementing such a system might seem risky. There are many recruitment and HR requirements that need to be addressed, and redesigning your entire hiring process around them isn’t easy.

This is where recruiters need to think outside the box. Today’s technology is so advanced and easy to understand that there’s a software solution for every business requirement, and more are on their way. So instead of changing the way you hire, try supplementing your existing system with software services to increase efficiency.

One such example would be Slack, a solution that brings all your communication channels together.

Why Slack?

Slack does an incredible job of keeping your information organized and accessible with the use of well-marked communication channels and slash commands that let you look up information without leaving the application.

As easy as it is to share information on Slack, it’s also highly secure. This is crucial for recruiters as candidate profiles are sensitive data and should be transferred over secure communication channels. With Slack’s best-in-class security features, you can rest assured knowing that your data is safe.

You’re probably thinking, “Okay that’s cool but, how do I integrate it with Zoho Recruit?”

Well, you don’t need to.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Slack for Zoho Recruit is an extension in Zoho Marketplace that makes it easier to discuss hiring-related matters using direct messaging within Recruit. There’s no longer any need to book rooms, align schedules, or make other arrangements for a face-to-face meeting.

With the Slack for Zoho Recruit extension, share records and report charts with users to start discussions, and get reminders for all the activities on your Zoho Recruit calendar.

You can even create an instant action associated to a workflow rule that can notify users or channel members using Zoho Recruit’s Workflow Alerts.

With the use of Slack’s slash commands, you can share candidate records with your team on-the-go from the Slack mobile app.

If you’re looking for an ATS that helps you hire better as a team, try the completely overhauled Zoho Recruit today.

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Happy Hiring 🙂


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