TechRadar ranks Zoho Recruit as 2023's best recruitment CRM

We're super thrilled to have been recognized as the best recruitment CRM software of 2023 by TechRadar, an international media group that provides reviews of tech products and gadgets. 

TechRadar is a trusted tech advisor for more than 70 million people across the globe. They test the tech on the market extensively and offer unbiased reviews. Their mission is to be the ultimate source for trustworthy reviews and helping people buy and enjoy the tech they love.

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Zoho Recruit's CRM  

Your candidate's experience during the recruitment process is going to have a tremendous impact on your recruitment process today and in the future. People love to talk, and how you treat them is going to ultimately impact your brand's reputation as an employer.

Zoho Recruit ensures that you have all of the tools you need to create a smooth recruitment experience for your candidates and everyone else involved, making us one of the top players in the market.The features that brought us to the top of TechRadar's list  

Zia's intelligent candidate matching 

Zia parses a candidate's resume to pick out specific skillsets and compares it to the skill requirements of a particular job opening to help you with a "match score." This match score can indicate how well a specific candidate fits the requirements for the job opening and can provide more objectivity in your hiring process.

Learn more about how Zia's candidate matching works.

Autoresponders help you respond promptly 

It's crucial to keep the lines of communication with candidates open throughout the recruitment lifecycle. However, it can be extremely time-consuming for recruiters to manually send emails at every stage of the hiring process. With Zoho Recruit, you can set up automated emails and follow-up emails across the entire hiring pipeline.

Learn more about how you can use auto responders.

An exclusive portal for candidates to apply and track their application 

After sending in their resumes, candidates are often left wondering about their application status, which can reflect poorly on the company's reputation. To combat this, Zoho Recruit offers a portal where candidates can easily apply for jobs and track the status of their application.

Learn more about the candidate portal here.

Conduct candidate screening assessments 

As the volume of applicants increases, it becomes impractical to conduct interviews with every single applicant. Zoho Recruit offers four levels of assessments that can help you screen and shortlist candidates. This way, you can conduct interviews for only the top candidates and recruit the best.

Learn how you can assess candidates with Zoho Recruit.

Run background checks with some of the most highly recognized tools in the industry 

Background checks are a critical step in the recruitment process because it's important to verify that the candidates truly are who they say they are. Moreover, it ensures the safety of your organization and its employees. Zoho Recruit integrates with several top players in the industry like Checkr, Verified First, Accurate Background, and more to make this process seamless.

Learn more about how you can conduct background checks with Zoho Recruit.

Top-tier integrations to complement our software  

Zoho Recruit provides extensive integrations with other cloud software, including Microsoft Outlook and Google Workdrive to complement our software's existing offerings and help you conduct a seamless recruitment process. 

Learn more about our integrations here.

Boost candidate engagement with customizable branding 

Customize every candidate interaction, including your career site, portals, email communications, and offer letters to boost candidate engagement further.

Create an amazing candidate experience with Zoho Recruit  

Zoho Recruit has been in the recruitment space for over a decade, and has served 10,000+ organizations with our expertise. We continue to improve our product to best meet every recruiter's needs, taking their consistent feedback into consideration. If you haven't checked out our product's offerings already, sign up for a free, one-week trial and experience it for yourself today!  


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